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Why develop for Android?

Android is huge. Currently there are just below 1 billion android users, with 1 million activations each day. While iOS leads in terms of revenues, the average Android revenue is growing fast and so the future is bright if you play for the long term.

Aside from market size and positive revenue growth, publishing your app on Google Play is incredibly easy. Google Play also provides a robust search capability, making it easier for users to discover your app.

Android design

While iOS apps are known for their design, Android is relatively less mature in this aspect. Many designers have been avoiding it and multiple screen sizes make it more difficult. This means that a great design had much higher chances to stand out.

Appster is always committed to designing engaging, enjoyable, intuitive user interfaces and experiences across multiple platforms. Our team of UX and UI experts applies latest design patterns and user interaction methods to builds that will stand out in the market and attract attention.

Android Fragmentation

The fragmentation of Android OS is one of it’s most distinctive features, and it requires designing and developing mobile applications for various screen resolutions, processor capabilities and operating system versions. Currently six different versions cover 98% of the Android user base

Our quality control team takes fragmentation very seriously and in order to achieve seamless performance across all devices, we maximize testing for all available screen sizes, devices and android operating systems.

In addition to this, Google is currently taking some serious steps towards defragmenting the market.

Appster Capabilities

  • Top developers: Some of our developers were behind projects with 10+ mil. downloads. In fact we make sure our team is composed of only the best people in the market today.
  • More than just developers: Each project is driven by experienced product manager. Some of our project managers worked on top selling apps for both big brand and startups.
  • UX/UI Design: Teams are composed of experienced UX/UI designers who ensure your app will not only work well, but also provide an engaging and addictive user experience.
  • Track Record: We have developed over iOS 50 apps, some reaching multimillion dollar valuations in first few months after their launch, high profile investors – such as founders of Paypal and tens of millions of downloads.
  • Expertise: Our service goes beyond building a great product. We assist our clients in key aspects of execution such as fundraising or user acquisition and retention. After all successful clients are the best marketing strategy.

Habitual DependenceTM

Getting first users is hard. 80 to 90 percent of all downloaded apps are used once and then eventually deleted by users.

The most important metric today is user retention. It tells you how often a customer comes back and uses your product again. Building an app designed for engaging and retaining users is a science on it’s own. We have studied some of the most addictive apps in the market today and combined this knowledge with cutting-edge research on habit formation strategies to develop our trademarked methodology called Habitual DependenceTM.

Applying this methodology we help our clients build habit forming products that engage users in a powerful way and keep them coming back to their app again and again.

  • Appster were our first choice, they are hard-working and reliable. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    Hamish Blake, Gold Logie awarded comedian, actor and author

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