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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Since our early days, we have been inspired by some of the greatest technology companies in the modern era, we are striving to create the next Apple, Microsoft and Google to name a few but we think it’s even better to say that we are striving to create the next ‘Appster’. At Appster, we are working day and night around the world to build an unprecedented development hub for the greatest ideas & innovations in the world.
Just like Henry Ford did to Cars or Rockefeller did with the oil refinery industry, we’re going to do the same for IDEAS, and become the world’s first global ideas company.The way we see it—it is IDEAS that push the human race forward. It is IDEAS that advance technology. It is IDEAS that provide innovations that can change the world.We believe that cultivating the ideas of visionaries, entrepreneurs and innovators around the world by bridging the execution gap. And that’s why the Appster Brand is built around 3 core concepts.

1. Crowdsourced Ideation

In our view we see “Appster” as a global ideas company crowdsourcing the greatest ideas and innovations and partnering them with the right people to make them happen.Over the next few years, we are opening offices and putting teams around the world in 42 countries to connect with entrepreneurs, inventors and visionaries with incredible ideas seeking an execution partner.We believe right now the world is experiencing a democratisation of entrepreneurship with everyday people inspired to build tech companies without a programming background.

Based on this we partner with clients through AppsterLabs to make the very best of those ideas into reality. We also run a venture arm named Appser[X] which launches one disruptive technology company a year.

2. Centralised Execution

Our business is fundamentally about providing economies of scale. For a startup to have the deep subject matter expertise found within Appster they need years and millions in funding, hence many never get off the ground.We’re driven by the idea that people with visions don’t always have the team to execute and perhaps mankind’s greatest technological breakthroughs didn’t happen because the visionary know how to make it.We know that so many people never get the chance to give their idea a shot. They never get a chance to put it all on the line and have a real go at something. 95% of small business ventures fail in the first 5 years. That is the reality. But there is nothing more rewarding in the world if it takes off — strong execution is the biggest factor in that equation.

We have a development centre in Gurgaon, India with an Australian CTO, strong executive leadership and a innovative agile culture that focuses on building world-class software products.

Shortly we’ll expand this capability into hardware, internet of things and even things like alternate energy and medical innovation. We believe that whilst technologies may change, but entrepreneurs will always be creating new things.

3. Global Arbitrage

We believe the best ideas & innovations in the world aren’t just coming out of the US, UK or Australia but all over the world. However, different pieces of the puzzle exist all over the world.Whether that’s raising capital in the United States, Finding tech talent in India or programmatic media buying in Europe – our global reach is at the very core of why Appster is uniquely positioned to build the world’s first ideas company.

Want to Join Us?

To find out more about working at Appster checkout Our Careers page. We’re always looking for talented people looking to work towards our mission. If you’re a high performance person with the ambition to become the best in the world at what you do, then you’ll find a home at Appster.

So What Have We Done So Far?

Hired over 400 Staff with offices in San Francisco, Melbourne and India. Our developers are regularly benchmarked in the top 5% of their technology.

Grown over 2000% in 3 years, with plans to scale our operations to 42 countries and become a billion dollar a year revenue company.

Created the prototype and initial tech for a geo-payments system known as Bluedot. We pioneered methods to reduce battery drain and got accuracy within 1m. This had a $6m valuation in 9 months, signed the founding CFO of Paypal to become a director, was called a potential billion dollar startup in the Australian and received a large investment by Commercialisation Australia.

Helped a transport company replace their $3-$5,000 bus ticketing systems with iPads tapping into the benefits of big Data and consumer analytics to provide game changer insights into routes. This solution has been adapted on a white label basis by companies around the world.

Where Are We Headed To Next?

It’s easy for us to talk about the vision 10-30 years from now, but to bring things into perspective here’s where we are headed in the next 3-5 years…

We are not an app developer. Our name is ‘Appster’ and yes, right now we primarily develop ‘apps’ but really for the next 3-5 years, we will be a software company. And wherever software goes (Google Glass, Wearable Technologies, etc) that’s where our capability will follow.

We’ve set a goal to: “Become the best in the world at Software Execution in the next 3-5 years.”

We will be working with the best thought leaders and software engineers in the world to constantly innovate on our process of execution and make this a reality.

But our vision goes far beyond that.

We want Appster to be a global brand that the world’s next Jobs or Zuckerberg to build their first prototype through us. If that excites you, then you’ll love working for or working with Appster.

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