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Mark McDonald
Mark McDonald / July 26

Co-founder relationship essentials

If you have a great idea for a startup then you better make sure you’re not alone. The best companies usually have at least 2 co-founders, in fact many VCs will expect it.

Co-founding does come with its own challenges

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Thomas Szmidel
Thomas Szmidel / July 22

Don’t be a Hotmail Founder

When searching for investment or just operating your startup you need to exude credibility.
A really easy identifier for startups or founders who don’t come across as credible is in their email addresses.

We all have them and tons of

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There is a trend around startup founders that claim they aren’t just building a product but building a movement. Instead of just building an app or product they want to build a community around it from day one.

Whilst this

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Everyone agrees that you should validate your app development or startup idea before you build it, right? Yep!

However, often you’ll find excited entrepreneurs mess up customer discovery interviews by bombarding potential customers with loaded questions and interviewing techniques that

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Patrick Stafford
Patrick Stafford / July 1

Business grants for entrepreneurs

Who doesn’t like free money?

Government grants are one of the best places to look for some extra cash, but entrepreneurs don’t always look to Canberra for a boost. It’s easy to understand why. Getting a business running is no

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The technology industry is seemingly full of legendary founder-CEOs who have been able to grow their companies from a tiny garage to a billion dollar company nested in a beautiful skyscraper. This narrative is certainly a favourite of Hollywood and

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More and more people are jumping on board the passive income train; believing in a mobile app’s ability to provide work-free income for years to come. It would be great if it worked that way, but many disappointed founders will

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Thomas Szmidel
Thomas Szmidel / May 25

Funding Tip: Get Skin in the Game

There is a common dream amongst startup people – some call it risk mitigation and some think it’s nirvana. I’m talking about raising cash when you have none of your own.

There is an odd expectation that you can raise

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Bootstrapping a company, in its simplest form, means funding your startup through personal funds or the operating revenues of a new startup. It means you don’t take external (think venture capital) cash to accelerate your growth.

I think bootstrapping has

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