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Josiah Humphrey
Josiah Humphrey / March 21

19 Facebook Apps for Growing Your Business and Delighting Your Customers

One of the biggest reasons why Facebook succeeded in the early days when similar networks failed was their ecosystem of third party apps.

While a vast majority of these apps fall into the entertainment category, there are also thousands of useful business apps.

We’ve collected a list of 19 apps, some free and others paid, for growing the size of your Facebook audience, running customer service, collecting emails, or setting up an online store right inside your Facebook fan page.

Campaign and sweepstakes apps


1. Heyo

You can use Heyo to create photo, video, and other user generated content contests on your Facebook page.

To build your page’s audience and improve your brand recognition, Heyo lets you easily create sweepstakes, random draws, refer-a-friend, instant-win, photo sweepstakes, etc.

Heyo’s easy to use tools and drop and drag templates make the content optimized for every device.

You can get started with a free trial, with monthly plans starting at $25 after the free trial is over.

Facebook apps - heyo


2. Woobox

With Woobox, you can create Facebook tabs in your page and virtually create a micro site. The Woobox Integration Tabs will allow you to:

  • Display Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube content to your Facebook followers.
  • Promote branded hashtags.
  • Host anything, from menus to brochures, and create a custom branded look and feel.
  • Run giveaways on your timeline.

Woobox pricing starts at $30/month and goes up to $500/month.

Facebook apps - woobox


3. Shortstack

Shortstack is another audience building app which works by promoting giveaways.

Shortstack not only makes it extremely easy for you to create giveaways on the fly, but it also has robust fraud prevention tools to ensure that no one games your contest.

Here’s an example of a Shortstack campaign.

You can increase the virality of your campaign by allowing people to share it across other social channels through Shortstack’s built-in functionality. The Comment/Like Importer tool, which shows you comment/like activity on your page, gives you more options for selecting winners.

You can also publish your campaign directly to the web instead of keeping it only on the Facebook page.

You can get started with Shortstack for free and pay up to $499/month depending on the size of your organization.

Facebook apps - Shortstack


4. Wishpond

Wishpond’s Social Promotion Apps can also be used to build a fan following, collect emails, and engage your audience using the following apps:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Photo contests
  • Instagram hashtag contest
  • Coupon
  • Essay contest
  • Vote contest
  • Photo caption contest
  • Pinterest contest
  • Referral promotion
  • Video contest.

Apart from Facebook, you can host these contests on your website too, and they’re designed to look good on any device.

Apart from letting you run contests on Facebook, you can also use Wishpond to create landing pages, run email autoresponders, and nurture your leads using marketing automation.

Wishpond has a 14 day free trial and offers three plans starting from $45/month.

Facebook apps - Wishpond


Ecommerce apps


5. Facebook Shop

If you have a Shopify store you can use their custom app to host your store right on Facebook and allow customers to buy products without leaving Facebook.

Using this app you can:

  • Sync your Shopify store with Facebook
  • Create Facebook specific collections
  • Manage inventory and sales from your Shopify dashboard

The Facebook Shopify app is free for use.

Facebook apps - Facebook Shop


6. Ecwid

Ecwid is one of the most popular ecommerce apps on Facebook with more than 40,000 stores.

Ecwid offers you a wide range of options for customizing your Facebook store using CSS so that it matches the look and feel of your brand.

You can start using the app for free, and use different features like drag and drop templates, multiple payment methods, storefront translations, and a cart management page to manage multiple Ecwid stores.

Ecwid isn’t just a one trick pony though: you can use the store to sell on other platforms like Google Shopping, eBay, and Amazon.

Facebook apps - Ecwid


7. Storeya

Storeya offers another option for setting up an online store on Facebook.

Once you have set up the app, you can import your existing store hosted on most major ecommerce stores into Facebook with a single click.

Like other apps featured in this section, you don’t have to write a single line of code to get your own store up and running. The Storeya store offers translation into multiple languages and allows you to accept multiple currencies.

In addition to standard features, two unique tools in Storeya can drive more sales. They are:

  • Group Deals, where a specific number of buyers can buy together to avail generous discounts.
  • Scratch & Win, where fans can win coupons by playing a game of scratch cards.

Storeya claims that more than 150,000 store owners use their platform, and their cheapest plans start at $9.99/month on annual billing, with a 14 day free trial.

Facebook apps - Storeya


8. Shoptab

Shoptab has a full-featured Facebook ecommerce solution, built especially for those who already have an online store.

With a flexible pay as you go model and an ability to add an ecommerce store to a website or a blog, Shoptab lets you:

  • Offer promotion and discount codes
  • Offer special promotions
  • Associate up to 5 Facebook fan pages with one store
  • Translate your store into any language for both desktop and mobile
  • Transact in over 60 currencies
  • Customize the design of your store.

The top tier Shoptab plan will cost you $20/month and you can test the app out for a free for 7 days.

Facebook apps - shoptab


9. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is slightly different from the other ecommerce apps featured in this section.

Along with the usual online store features, BigCommerce lets you run ads through its Facebook Ads extension. This add-on means you can save time while running Facebook ad campaigns for your ecommerce store.

BigCommerce also integrates with other third party tools for shipping, tax automation, and has a full featured ecommerce CMS to manage your customers and orders.

You can test drive the product for free for 15 days and then pay upwards of $29.95/month for a full featured online store.

Facebook apps - BigCommerce


10. Shopial

If you have ecommerce stores in multiple platforms, Shopial might be the Facebook app for you.

With a few clicks you can host your online store not only on Facebook but also on:

  • Ebay
  • Pinterest
  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Amazon
  • Magento, etc.

Shopial also offers a custom built Facebook advertising platform, letting you advertise your products with 1 click.

The platform also takes care of design and targeting of ads, and makes it super simple for anyone to get started selling on Facebook, even if they aren’t schooled in the intricacies of PPC or online store management.

Shopial has more than 140,000 stores and is available in 7 languages.

You can start listing products for free and then start paying once the number of products cross a specific limit.

Facebook apps - Shopial


Email list building apps


11. Aweber

If you have an email list on Aweber you can use this Facebook app to create a signup form and place it on your Facebook page.

The form appears on a separate tab, and this article walks you through the process.

Aweber offers you a 30 day free trial, with plans starting at $19/month.

Facebook apps - aweber


12. GetResponse

With the GetResponse Facebook app, your visitors can sign up to your email list from inside your Facebook fan page.

The installation process is fairly simple, and with a few tips you can even make this form the default tab on your page.

While you can customize the form to your heart’s content, make sure to upload any external graphics on a https compatible domain as Facebook will otherwise warn you about security risks.

GetResponse also offers a free 30 days trial period, and paid plans subsequently start from $15/month.

Facebook apps - GetResponse


13. Dotmailer

Dotmailer calls itself “Mailchimp or Constant Contact on steroids.” It’s a full featured marketing automation platform built around email, and makes it super easy for you to create landing pages, set up surveys, and run sophisticated email marketing campaigns.

You can set up a Dotmailer sign up form on your Facebook page either by using an HTML app (for more customization options) or use their own app (for simplicity).

It offers a free trial, and paid plans start from $24/month/user.

Facebook apps - dotmailer


Facebook tab apps



If you want to make your Facebook page unique, you will want to look at tab apps like Tabfoundry.

Inside the custom tab you can host images, add sign-up forms, allow people to download PDFs, and add rich media (videos, audio etc). You can also livestream from inside the custom app, and change its icon to match that of your brand.

Tabfoundry’s strength lies in its drag and drop editor which makes it extremely easy for even a non designer to give a professional look to a Facebook tab.

You can use Tabfoundry for free, and then depending on your needs sign up for paid plans starting at $14/month.

facebook apps - tabfoundry


15. TabSite

Do you want to run a video contest?

How about offering your visitors a coupon?

What if customers want to leave reviews right from inside your Facebook page?

You can do these and a lot more with Tabsite, which is a veritable Swiss Army Knife of apps for Facebook fan pages.

Suitable for use in enterprise, agency, small business or personal settings some of these apps include:

  • Contest apps
  • Coupon and lead capture apps
  • Photo and video apps
  • Social apps

You can try Tabsite for free for 14 days, and then continue with $29.95/month/user.

Facebook apps - tapsite




16. YoutubeTab

If you want a simple solution to host your Youtube videos inside Facebook, you can’t go wrong with Youtube Tab.

  • This app will let you:
  • Play 720p video
  • Support for playlists and channels
  • Run hashtag search
  • Add Facebook like and comment functionality
  • Navigate videos using thumbnails.

Youtube Tab is free to use.

Facebook apps - Youtube tab


17. Livestream

With Livestream, you can simulcast live video of one event to multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, etc.

On Facebook, you can stream to friends or make the stream public. The video stream can be embedded on your Facebook timeline and can also be streamed continuously throughout the day (useful when you are planning to stream a day long event, for example).

Every stream comes with its own unique link which you can share for higher exposure.

You can use LiveStream for free for 30 days, and then pick a plan which starts from $42/month.

Facebook apps - livestream


Customer service apps


18. LiveChat for Facebook

LiveChat for Facebook allows people to chat with you in real time from inside Facebook.

Facebook apps - Livechat for facebook

You can also use this Facebook app to grow your fan base by adding a “Like” button at the bottom of every chat.

Facebook apps - Livechat for facebook

LiveChat also lets you connect with users through the Facebook Messenger platform.

You can use LiveChat for free for 30 days, and then pick a plan which starts from $16/month.

19. Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers a full featured customer service offering from inside your Facebook fan page. Without leaving the platform your users and customers can:

  • Raise tickets and talk to support
  • Check the status of existing tickets
  • Read FAQ or knowledge base articles.

The Freshdesk Facebook app will sync with your self hosted customer support assets like FAQ or roadmaps, which ensures that you don’t have to upload the same document in multiple places.

Start using Freshdesk for free. Pricing plans start from $15/month/agent.

Facebook apps - Freshdesk

Your Facebook Fan page is valuable digital real estate. What have you done to increase its value?



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