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Filip Eldic and Emil Davityan are the founders of Bluedot Innovation, a company specialising in high precision, battery friendly, location services and changing the game with location-based commerce globally. But it didn’t always start this way…

The Dramatic Pivot

When we spoke with Filip in 2012 his initial idea was to provide a new toll-road billings platform that used a mobile phone to take out an instant payment, a replacement for the e-tag and an incredibly lucrative market. Over a dozen IT professionals including a high-profile executive from one of the world’s largest software companies said it was IMPOSSIBLE, though due to the engineering talent that Appster has on call we knew there was a way to pull it off.

Appster went to work on the initial toll-road prototype with some incredible results.


Appster has delivered some of the most innovative and advanced applications in Australia and their experience
and passion has been at the heart of our partnership.

A new advancement in locations services

Initially Appster set out to help Filip in developing a project based on his idea for the world’s first mobile tolling platform. One of the chief requirements was to alter the way location services and geofencing work and surpass the current industry standard on precision and battery drain.

Appster’s engineers used Bluedot’s IP to develop a new method for combining the functionality of the GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi chipsets found in most smartphones to greatly enhance the precision of location awareness required for the tolling platform without causing additional significant battery drain.

Gate triggering

By developing the enhancement to underlying location services technologies, it was possible to ensure that mobile phones could trigger payments from known account details when users passed through areas as precise as entrances to toll roads and even individual lanes of road systems.

This enabled for the first time for a highly scalable software solution to disrupt the inert and traditional tolling infrastructure and payment industry across the entire world

Non-Linear Battery Drain

Many competitors but none could get accuracy to less than 100m due to the intense battery drain from location services (most smartphones would drain a phone in 4 hours!)

Bluedot’s battery drain is nearly unquantifiable as our technology introduces, for the first time, non linear battery drain. It could, on some days be non-existent at all.

An Exciting Ride

Fast forward 18 months and Bluedot is currently at a 14 million dollar valuation and showing no signs of slowing.

  • Named a potential billion dollar start-up by Jana Matthews
  • David Jaques (Founding CFO of Paypal) took an equity stake and came on as a director
  • Best australian Start-Up of 2014 at the Global TalentUnleashed Awards judged by Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak
  • Raises $3m and Attracts $1b Founder

Result & verdict

Bluedot is now an absolute leader in their market. Not only most competitors don’t even come close to what Bluedot can offer, the startup has also received a lot of media attention and is now considered to be the Australia’s next billion dollar startup. In the fast growing and increasingly important market, we’re confident Bluedot is now on it’s way to become the Google of geolocation services.

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