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At Appster, we’re always looking for a special kind of person to join our team.
We call ourselves Appsterfarians. A quirky title, but it means alot to us.

Because, we’re the execution partner for some of the world’s most savvy startup entrepreneurs and fast-growth companies
-we need to demand the best from our people.

Many members of our development team are independently benchmarked amongst the top 1-5% in their respective technologies. Our product managers have been responsible for millions of dollars in revenue and rolled out international 12 month complex & high risk projects successfully.

Our team believe in our vision to create an unprecedented development hub for the greatest ideas and innovations in the world and our 60+ hour work weeks show that devotion.

We Have a Big Vision

We have a big vision and if you’re after a cushy corporate job then Appster isn’t for you.

  • We don’t have flexible working hours.
  • We don’t tell you you’re doing great work when you’re not.

We see ourselves as the anti-corporation. The exact opposite of those jobs talented people hate.

We’re a meritocracy. Which means we don’t care about experience or degrees, we care about results and what kind of brilliant work you can produce. How much value can you create? That is how you will be rewarded. If that’s you, you can do great things at Appster:

  • A Fresh graduate employees starting with 0 experience impressed the team so much that he was selected to work with our ’20+ year experienced’ CTO and help rollout a multi-million dollar international development centre.
  • A super-talented QA intern who found bugs a 15 year project management and Quality Analyst veteran couldn’t replicate within 12 months was promoted to a product manager role and has been successfully managing 6 figure projects.
  • A General Manager of a $10 million dollar business took a graduate entry role at $44,000 a year to ‘prove’ his value to the company. Within 12 month he was promoted to a senior operational role and has had huge impact on company productivity.

Get the Right People on the Bus in the Right Seats

Our Founders Mark & Josiah are massive believers that creating a great culture begins in the interviewing process. We hire the right people who we believe match the Appster Values, guidelines to the kind of company we’re working to build Appster into.

1. Change is Good

As an organisation we’re always evolving ourselves to be cutting edge. That’s not always comfortable & means rethinking what ‘best practice’ is. To work at Appster you need to be able to embrace change and always be willing to evolve.

2. Radical Honesty & Transparency

We hate company politics. As a meritocracy we can only judge the performance of our teams by complete transparency on their work, that’s why we don’t have secrets. We track the burndown-rate of your software development, project budgets and then be radically honest with each other about what we need to do next. We value candor over political correctness and being nice.

3. Employees First, Customers Second

Despite our focus on everyone being accountable for great work. We believe that when you have world-class staff you need to trust them and when you look after them, they look after your clients. But it starts with a happy team. That’s why we give unprecedented freedom to product managers and development teams to make the right decisions.

4. Open Management

We don’t believe in creating procedures, bureaucracy and hierarchy as a means to cover for incompetent management or staff. Instead we focus on transparency, delegating authority to make process & business improvements to the team and openly sharing as much information as possible. In short: We hire smart people, make them accountable through transparency then give them the freedom to get results.

5. Relentless Discipline

If you need a manager to make sure you come to work on time or to stop you making stupid decisions then you won’t fit in here. True to our roots in Agile development, we believe in hiring disciplined people and then giving them complete freedom within just a few rules. We have certain disciplines we swear by such as daily communication, feedback mechanisms and coding principles to ensure we ship exceptional work to clients. People who can manage themselves do best at Appster.

6. Solutions Over Problems Every time

Instead of throwing problems to your colleagues, we make a deliberate effort to hand people solutions. That goes for both clients & our team. Don’t bitch and tell us all the things wrong with a situation, tell us what you’re going to do to fix it. This one value has been transformational at Appster during challenging projects and times.

7. We are a high performance organisation

We thrive on results. We believe we’re on an incredible mission many of us are committing our careers to achieve. That’s why when somebody isn’t performing or meeting the high expectations of our clients we part, we try to do so on good terms. But we believe we shouldn’t apologise for trying to build a great company.

Why Work At Appster?

Work in an innovative Industry

We work on cutting edge projects from major banks through to bootstrapping tech entrepreneurs working on fast growth start ups. You’ll be on the edge and see high profile projects months before they launch.

Free Monthly Adventures

Wanna go Skydiving? See if you’re the fastest go-cart driver at Appster? Every month we take our entire office out for team time. We work hard so we play harder. That’s how we keep our energy high to creatively execute the very hardest app development projects.

Constantly Learn about Development

Every month you’ll be trained by industry recognised trainers in everything from the latest development methodologies, agile principles, communication skills and even user-experience. We believe you can only stay the best by constant and never ending improvement in our knowledge base.

Nonprofits: Work on Projects that Matter to you

Our staff every quarter vote on a non-profit group or charity to do pro-bono work funded by Appster. We all work together to implement mobile technology such as Apps and websites to help them generate more donations, become more efficient and generally make a real difference.

Current Positions

Superstar Facilitator / Development Pre-Sales Consultant

Innovation in your DNA?
Thrilled to be Involved with Amazing Technology Projects?
Love working with people and helping shape their ideas?

Appster is the Fastest Growing App Developer in Australia Branching Out to the United States and beyond.
This is a Fun, Challenging and Incredibly Variable Job where you will work with Entrepreneurs, BRW Young Rich List Members & Venture Capitalists.

About Appster

We are the fastest growing Mobile and Web App Development company in Australia (with multiple offices in 3 continents) with plans to embark on a global expansion encompassing 42 countries. Founded in 2011, we have 430+ staff & contractors globally and have developed Mobile and Web Apps for some of Australia’s and the world’s biggest leading brands including Jaegermeister, Hamish and Andy, and many disruptive and innovative technology platforms.

The Role

We are seeking a Product Strategist for our pre-sales workshops. You will be using our consulting framework developed to undertake a range of activities from creating requirements for apps to websites to idea validation and everything beyond. Working with tech-startups you will be advising them on a huge range of topics, some common ones are:

  • Recommending features based on educated decisions for the client’s market
  • Discussing Marketing and the best steps to do it
  • Building a Startup Team and finding co-founders
  • Coaching on business creation
  • Taking into account the Technical Feasibility of the product and suggesting alternative methods if any major roadblocks
  • Guiding on budget suitability
  • Getting their ‘Go-to-market’ Strategy down
  • Guiding on Raising capital through Venture Capital, Crowd Funding, 3 FFF’s and more


The Product Strategy role is the startup jack of all tech trades. To succeed in the role you need a great grasp of a broad range of areas. Day to day we are the trusted guru’s to clients building game changing products.

We’ll provide a degree of on the job training in all of these areas, but you’ll excel in the interviews if you have a technology, business or marketing background. Having an I.T background is definitely an advantage but not a necessity, we strive to have a Product Strategy team with a diverse background of fields. We have specialists in everything from eCommerce to Machine Learning. Whatever your specialisation you will play an important part in helping clients get their strategy down and facilitating them into development with our company.

Company Culture

If you like fast moving, innovative, collaborative and visionary workplaces where results and enjoying your work are treated with equal value, this could be the career move you have been waiting for.
With evening drinks on Friday, Workplace Outings and Team Building activities we are always a close working team always keeping an eye out for each other and always willing to help to ease the load.

Job Description

The Product Strategist role is very diverse and requires a relative understanding in a lot of areas. A lot of this you would learn through the role however your adaptability and flexibility will be key in taking on this role. You will

  • Meet, understand, and work with clients on a diverse range of products (this can range from Fintech, to Social Networks, to Games)
  • Working with entrepreneurs on project ideas to be turned into fast-growth startups, to working with large enterprises to build in products to their existing business
  • Deeply understand and can recreate the client’s vision and consult with them on business and marketing strategies
  • Make alternative suggestions for features when they may be too complicated or too costly
  • Gather requirements and design suitable apps establishing a Minimum Viable Products within the client’s budgets
  • Work with clients on strategizing their products and services in relation to their need for mobile and/or web platforms, connections to existing databases and external hardware (E.g. wearable technology like Google Glass, knowing Apple and Google restrictions)
  • Continually learn industry knowledge by reading and attending industry events
  • Have an understanding of Agile methodologies and current practises in the market today
  • Always looking to innovate our processes & contribute to our high performance culture
  • Work with our Business Analysts, Sales team, Designers and Producers to assist each of their areas and find more effective ways of running workshops to give the best experience in development

The Successful Applicant

With a diverse range of skills needed we are always looking for people with different backgrounds and skill sets they can bring to the team.

  • You are a natural facilitator. You make people comfortable by building great rapport but can also guide a discussion influencing clients and giving them certainty in their decisions.
  • You are comfortable presenting to groups of people or sitting down one on one to work with clients.
  • You have great experience and a high-level understanding of business development
  • You have an understanding of mobile phone marketing and technology
  • You have a deep understanding of the advantages & restrictions for mobile devices and apps
  • You are across industry trends and movements and can relate these to your clients
  • You are an excellent communicator and a great relationship builder
  • You are Passionate, Innovative and Collaborative.
  • You crave being a part of an innovative, disruptive and slightly quirky workplace
  • You are obsessed with learning and always want to soak in more knowledge
  • You have a passion for innovative, disruptive software technologies

How to apply

Click here to apply for this position at Melbourne Office