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85% of the top grossing apps are games. With App Store revenues growing at an unprecedented rate, game development represents an opportunity of our decade. Turn your idea into reality and build the next viral mobile game.

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Why Mobile Games?

With 2 billion smartphone users around the world, App Store and Google Play revenues are expected to reach tens of billions of dollars in the next couple of years. Clearly, mobile is taking over a big part of the entertainment business traditionally generated by PCs and game consoles.

This makes game app development a tremendous opportunity in the consumer technology revolution we’re experiencing now. Not surprisingly, game apps represent the majority of revenues paid out to developers.

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You can design the most beautiful game on earth, but that doesn’t guarantee it will be successful. All top-grossing games have one thing in common – they’re highly engaging, almost addictive.

User Acquisition

If your customer acquisition costs are too high, you may not be able to sustain your business. Most successful game apps such as Candy Crush or QuizUp have hacked their growth by implementing smart referral and viral features.


How to monetize users is another frequent challenge game developers face. The industry has shifted from ads to in-app purchases, but building an efficient and sustainable business is not easy at all.

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In game development, achieving greatness is about turning your creative vision into a seamless and engaging player experience. That’s what makes a difference between awesomeness and mediocrity when it comes to engagement.

However, your overall strategy should go way beyond development aspect. Although your product strategy should be about crafting an amazing and addictive user experience, it needs to think about implementing an effective monetization and business strategy.

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  • There's not much humility in their vision: they say openly they want to do what Henry Ford did to cars, or what Rockefeller did for oil. They want Appster to be the ideas development hub of the world.

  • Only the best engineers: "Applying for a job at app-building company Appster, seems a little like applying for a high-security-clearance government job."

It All Starts With the Right Strategy

The quality of game design ultimately depends on creativity and vision. But that represents only part of the story. Transforming this creative vision into an engaging and seamless user experience, while building a viable business model on top of it, is what separates mediocrity from greatness.

At Appster, we understand this. Our product managers worked on a wide range of top-selling game apps, which cumulatively achieved tens of millions of downloads.

From fleshing out the initial creative initial idea, building an exciting storyboard and crafting an amazing user experience to building a viable monetization strategy, our product manager will work with you on every aspect of your game.

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Planning & Strategy

We will work with you on every aspect of your game, from iterating on initial idea, building an exciting storyboard to crafting an amazing and addictive user experience.

Art, Level & Game Design

We approach each element of design work as a separate craft. You’ll get a dedicated team of art, level and game designers to work on your project.


We will provide you with a team of dedicated game developers and product managers with a track record in delivering games built to the highest design and technology standards.

Quality Assurance & User Testing

Before we release any work, we make sure it was extensively tested for quality, scalability and performance. All apps and games are developed under strict quality control.

Monetization Strategy

We’ll work with you in testing and developing the most viable monetization pricing strategy, that’s based real data instead of educated guesses.

Post-launch & Scale

Once the official version hits the market, we’ll help you collect user data to improve the product, and can provide access to our full stack marketing team.

Appster has been featured in

Their audacious vision is to help transform the most innovative and challenging ideas into reality, by becoming the leading technical co-founder for entrepreneurs.

Forbes Magazine
August 2014


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