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Location based services are the next huge opportunity for startups.
With a phenomenal 38% compound annual market growth,
location apps are clearly the next frontier in mobile technology.

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The next Huge Opportunity

Location based services are a huge opportunity for startups. The market is expected to quadruple in the next four years, and we’re already seeing billion dollar acquisitions from the likes of Google and Apple. However, so far there have mostly been simple mobile apps telling people where there friends are, but the opportunity goes way beyond that!

There are huge opportunities in indoor technologies, tracking, navigation solutions, safety, security, local business search, payments and more. A range of indoor technologies is now being deployed, including, iBeacons, sensors, magnetic fields and others, representing the next big shift in computing. Take advantage of this huge opportunity and build the next state of the art location technology!

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Why Location app?



More than any other market, to succeed in LBS, you’ll need a superior technology that among others delivers accuracy and energy efficient performance that beats whatever is available on the market now.


Finding and validating the right business model should be at the core of the product strategy right from the beginning. Historically, it’s an area many location startups struggled with. And while traditional models like data or personalized marketing work well, there many more options to consider.


Even though the market is clearly hot, pitching investors isn’t just about showing the mass appeal of your product. With LBS apps, most of them look for technical superiority and a clear business strategy in the first place.

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Market size, growth and the right timing are the key elements that make it possible for innovative startups to succeed.

However, without a superior design and technology all of these elements are irrelevant, as fast-growing markets require a product that’s simply 10 times better than any other competitive solution.

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  • There's not much humility in their vision: they say openly they want to do what Henry Ford did to cars, or what Rockefeller did for oil. They want Appster to be the ideas development hub of the world.

  • Only the best engineers: "Applying for a job at app-building company Appster, seems a little like applying for a high-security-clearance government job."

It All Starts With the Right Strategy

A great idea and a great market are only a part of the story. What makes startup ideas successful is superior technology and a perfect execution. At Appster, we understand this. We’ve build superior location technologies, beating any other solution available on the market.

We’ve built location apps that raised money at multi-million dollar valuation in less than a year from their launch. Using our industry expertise, we’ll help you take your idea from initial concept to beautifully designed app with state-of-the-art technology and a viable business model.

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Product Strategy

Developing disruptive technologies starts with the right focus. We’ll help you define a minimum feature set, establish feasibility and lock down the product positioning.

Business Model Validation

We’ll test out your business assumptions with the real user, so you can best establish what business strategy makes the most sense in the long term.

UX Design

Great design is about how the app works. The result is high user adoption and better engagement. We believe in clean, simple, user-centric design that aligns with your business goals.


We’ll provide you with a full-fledged product development team of expert strategist, designers and developers so you can build an app to the highest design and technology standards.

Capital Raising

Our capital raising workshops are designed to prepare you for starting a successful fundraising process, boosting your chances to land a deal.

Post-launch & Scale

Once you launch the app, our work does not stop there. We’ll go an extra mile in helping you collect relevant data so you can keep navigating towards finding a product market fit.

Appster has been featured in

Their audacious vision is to help transform the most innovative and challenging ideas into reality, by becoming the leading technical co-founder for entrepreneurs.

Forbes Magazine
August 2014


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