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With the mobile revolution changing the face of many industries, the media and publishing industry has felt the impact the most. Arguably, it’s one of the most rapidly evolving markets today.

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Why Media & Publishing?

With over two billion smartphone users and one billion tablet users worldwide, the way we consume media has changed rapidly. The growth in digital media consumption is up 400% for the smartphone and 1700% for the tablet.

And according to Pew and comScore data, 39 of the top 50 digital news websites have more traffic coming from the mobile than from the desktop. The markets are changing, with big challenges and opportunities ahead.

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Share of Demographic Audiences by Platform Usage


Business Model

Mobile and social are radically changing how readers consume digital content. This changes everything, from how content gets presented, to the tools used to grow an audience, and even how advertising is sold.

Consumer Experience

Providing superb and relevant consumer experiences that include impactful advertising has always been difficult, but today the challenge is bigger than ever before. Especially in the times when privacy is always a huge concern on the mind of the consumer.


The advertising industry is rapidly evolving, and there are many new monetization options available. Leveraging greater value out of inventory and audiences is another pressing challenge for publishers to wrestle with.

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The Opportunity Ahead

Naturally, the entire industry is changing dramatically, with losers and winners becoming clear in the coming years. This creates a pressure to come up with new ways to reach and engage the audience, while finding the right balance between monetization and user experience.

Staying at the forefront of the innovation is no longer an option but clearly a strategy to win. Or as Stewart Brand famously pointed out: “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.”

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  • There's not much humility in their vision: they say openly they want to do what Henry Ford did to cars, or what Rockefeller did for oil. They want Appster to be the ideas development hub of the world.

  • Only the best engineers: "Applying for a job at app-building company Appster, seems a little like applying for a high-security-clearance government job."

What Makes Us Different?

Appster is not just another “mobile developer” that does the job of mobile development. Not only do we get the job done, but we’re also consistently recognized as one of the most innovative developers in the market today.

We deliver on time and budget, and with hundreds of products in our portfolio, we understand the business strategy necessary for success in the world of apps. Our track record in taking concepts and creating products that are innovative, aesthetic and highly functional speaks for itself.

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How Can We Help?


We provide each client with a team of dedicated product managers, developers and UX designers who can deliver engaging products, built to the highest design and technology standards.

User Experience Design

We understand the value of design. It’s not just about the looks; it’s about how it works. We believe in a clean, simple, user-centric design that aligns with your business goals.

Monetization Strategy

Aside from delivering superior products, we help customers find and implement the most viable monetization strategy that’s based real data instead of educated guesses.

Appster has been featured in

Their audacious vision is to help transform the most innovative and challenging ideas into reality, by becoming the leading technical co-founder for entrepreneurs.

Forbes Magazine
August 2014


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