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Mobile App Development for Retail

Continuing technology advancement as well as shifting consumer demographics and behavior are rapidly changing the face of the retail industry.

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The Opportunity

Retail is a gigantic industry that is constantly evolving. Right now, the pace of this evolution is faster than ever before. There will be 6 billion smartphone users by 2020. It’s highly possible that eCommerce will become a $10 trillion market in the next ten years.

1.1 billion users will own a wearable device by 2018 and a number of sensors and beacons are being deployed today. Technology advancement will allow you to build more personalized and interactive relationships with customers like never before.

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Changing Demographics

Today’s retail is driven by the needs and preferences of two generations: baby boomers and millennials. These two groups are the heaviest tablet and smartphone users, demanding better, more seamless services.

Big Data

A number of large and small businesses already use big data and analytics to grow. Retailers need to rely on data to get to know their customers and provide customized shopping experiences.

Point of Sale Security & Payments

Apple Pay and other payment providers are changing the face of retail. And they all put fraud and security costs back on the retailer. Thus, securing the POS and all customer data from breaches remains a top challenge.


Localization of services is becoming more important than ever. Innovative merchants must customize their stores and merchandise according the needs of their local communities.


Technology makes it easy to shop from any brand. The points-for-purchases model is no longer effective. Forward-thinking retailers will find ways to make each customer’s experience unique and memorable.

Omnichannel Strategy

Big brands like Macy’s are already moving to omnichannel retailing. Mobile and online-to-offline services are delivering better results, which ultimately leads to a competitive advantage.

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The Opportunity Ahead

Following trends is skating where the puck is. In today’s technology-driven world, retailers that are innovative and forward-thinking will win in the market.

The competition in retail is tougher than ever before, and customers now demand seamless and personalized experiences. The ones who deliver that will not only win the hearts of many customers but ultimately expand their business across the limitless channels technology has opened up.

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  • There's not much humility in their vision: they say openly they want to do what Henry Ford did to cars, or what Rockefeller did for oil. They want Appster to be the ideas development hub of the world.

  • Only the best engineers: "Applying for a job at app-building company Appster, seems a little like applying for a high-security-clearance government job."

What Makes Us Different?

Appster is not another mobile developer on the bandwagon. We’re the ones driving the world’s innovation, and have been recognized as one of the fastest-growing and most innovative companies.

We have built and deployed hundreds of disruptive and innovative apps for startups and entrepreneurs hoping to change the world, as well as established companies looking to gain a competitive advantage.

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How Can We Help?


As an award-winning developer, we have a track record in building some of the most disruptive and innovative apps with hundreds of millions of downloads.


We will provide you with a team of dedicated product managers, developers and UX designers who can deliver engaging products, built to the highest design and technology standards.

User Experience Design

We understand the value of design. We believe in a clean, simple, user-centric design that aligns with your business goals. A great design works, delivers results and customer loyalty.

Appster has been featured in

Their audacious vision is to help transform the most innovative and challenging ideas into reality, by becoming the leading technical co-founder for entrepreneurs.

Forbes Magazine
August 2014


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Appster is the fastest growing mobile development company. With offices in 3 continents, from San Francisco to Melbourne, we’re building the most innovative mobile technology company in the world.

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