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The ‘Perfect’ Engagement Model For Startup
Entrepreneurs Building Incredible Ideas.

At Appster we work exclusively with high potential and disruptive startups. We act like a technical co-founder, ship fast and build epic products in an iterative and data driven manner. Our teams of engineers across the globe embrace SCRUM, XP and Kanban to self-organise and deliver before deadlines.


Product Strategy and
Rapid Idea Validation

Building a disruptive app startup is about ensuring you focus on the right things from day one. We’ll work with you to define a minimum viable product, establish feasibility and lock down the product positioning. This is where we drink lots of coffee and make sure we’re really clear on what you’re trying to create. Our Rapid Validation process helps us crush product assumptions and make data-driven decisions on the best features choices for your app.


UX Design

We believe in producing clean and simple products. Our user-centric design approach embraces weekly usability testing, A/B Split testing and experienced designers working closely with our development team.



Appster has a 300+ strong development team led by world-class technologists. From our genesis we’ve been massive proponents of Agile development. We ship code daily and allow frequent changes throughout the product development lifecycle. Our team is given the flexibility to innovate, whilst maintaining discipline and transparency to deliver projects on time – exceeding client expectations.


Lean analytics

Throughout the process we focus on implementing data-driven decisions into your product, from tracking retention and virality through to establishing user behaviour that is behind the maximising of revenue. Our product managers are experienced with A/B split testing, cohort analysis and usability testing to create a truly world class product that speaks exactly to your users before it even launches.


Post Launch – User
Acquisition and Scaling

Post launch we’ll work with you to provide data insights into improving your product and can provide access to our full stack marketing team. Whether it’s digital media buying, SEO, Search Marketing or Conversion rate optimization, we work exclusively with high potential startups to scale compelling products.

The 4 ‘Laws’ of Rapid Agile Development

We Believe in Radical Transparency and Collaboration

Too many products suck because the development agency didn’t communicate enough. In today’s world you need more than that: our engagement model is based on transparency over progress, challenges and virtually all aspects of your development.

People are Everything. Recruit ruthlessly

A great engineer is worth hundreds of mediocre ones. That’s why we have an intensive recruitment process – from starting our own technical university to train the next generation of engineers to technical testing that benchmarks our developers in the top 2-5% of their technologies on average.

Self-organising Geniuses solve problems – not Project Managers

We hire smart people, then let them get together in a room and solve complex problems without being dictated to by non-technical project managers. We have a proud ‘hacker culture’ in our development centres.

Data over Requirements Every Time

We don’t believe in planning everything about a product upfront. Our iterative process allows us to capture requirements within 2 days and drive future iterations based on data driven decisions and core analytics throughout the development journey.

Why We Let You Change Your Mind

While many development firms claim to be Agile and friendly to startups, the opposite is usually true. Typically you’ll be asked to lock down requirements for your project upfront with NO ability to change as market conditions change. At Appster we allow nearly unlimited change in scope, product vision and development.

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