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Appster’s Rapid AgileTM Methodology


  • have the control.
  • decide how much you spend.
  • decide how long your app development project takes.
Rapid AgileTM is the perfect engagement model for Entrepreneurs or Fast-Growth,
Innovative companies; we’re able to gather requirements and build a concise product
strategy in a way that puts YOU in the driver’s seat, and gives you total control of the
way you build your product and what it costs.

When you’ve got a ‘game-changer’ software idea as an entrepreneur or a larger enterprise, you need a different way to execute your project than the everyday development firm.At Appster we work exclusively with high risk, innovative and disruptive projects in mobile, web, cloud and wearable technologies when speed and getting it right are important.

After literally hundreds of projects we think we know why 95% of outsourced IT projects fail, blowing budget and timelines and shipping low-quality code.

They don’t practice what we’ve phased: Rapid Agile.

Here’s a few things we believe:

Transparency and Authentic Communication over Tools and Policies

We believe that process and tools have their place. But the real way to build a great product is to be focused on authentic communication and making sure we are totally transparent about what we’re building. We don’t believe in hiding behind email and Gantt charts when something goes wrong.

Shipping great software over writing excessive documentation

We believe spending months documenting every situation that could occur during development is a financially negligent and butt-covering activity, because as soon as a single variable changes that documentation is useless.

Instead we believe in focusing on shipping fortnightly software updates, communicating daily and producing robust mobile and web products – not just big documents talking about what we’re going to do.

Real Collaboration over Contract Negotiation

We believe most development contracts set a project up to fail from day #1. We value collaboration rather than using a contract as a weapon to get out of doing required work or focusing more on contract compliance than working with the client on building something great.

That’s why we have designed a legally binding collaborative contract; you can make changes mid-way, you can launch your app earlier and cancel your agreement and you have incredible amounts of transparency on the work being achieved, previously impossible in traditional contracts.

We Embrace Change in Product Development – We Don’t Penalise it

We believe that every client and developer is human; there’s no way to plan every variable that could occur upfront and put it in a contract. We also know that great ideas occur midway through development and when we start seeing progress. Traditional development penalises this.

At Appster we believe planning is valuable, but we also understand the need to adapt ourselves around market changes.


So How Does Rapid Agile Work?

Rapid Agile is a combination of Rapid requirements gathering combined with iterative
development practices adapted from SCRUM, Extreme Programming & Kanban.

    • – Client Prioritize product features
    • – Features assigned to Sprint
    • – Estimated by team
    • – Team Commitment
  • Sprint Planning Meeting
    • Review product Backlog
    • Estimate Sprint Backlog
    • Commit
  • Daily Scrum meetings
    • Done since last meeting
    • Plan for today
    • Roadblocks/Accelerators
  • Sprint Review Meeting
    • Demo features to all
    • Retrospective on the sprint

Why We Let You Change Your Mind

Instead of explaining the whole process in this proposal, we’ve put together an explainer video which runs
through how Appster creates apps.

What does Rapid Agile
Mean to you?

Higher productivity and lower cost

Hire smart and passionate developers and let them get on with the job through self-organisation and disciplined accountability. It’s common sense. We’re not the cheapest developer in the world. But our high productivity rate means that buck-for-buck we’re delivering incredible software at the right price within a reasonable time-frame.

Faster time to market.

Throughout the Rapid Agile process we work with you to develop the highest ROI features at the earliest stages possible; it means you can often release an app before your time-line, and release the low-ROI activities like about-us pages and minor features in followup updates if you choose. That’s the kind of flexibility you need as a startup.

A Better Experience through Transparency

We often receive as many as 30% of our projects in ‘rescue’ mode after clients have dealt with another developer, and usually one of the biggest complaints new clients have is that for large amounts of the development process there was radio-silence and no transparency of what work was being done. At Appster with Rapid Agile we ship you working software every 2 weeks and you have constant access to burn-down reports to see the velocity of your tram. You’ll also have a dedicated product manager who isn’t just a ‘customer support rep’ but the leader driving your project through to completion.

A Motivated Team means Higher Quality

A commonly overlooked benefit of Agile development is the fact that it empowers developers to develop their best work without being micro-managed by non-technical managers who unknowingly make their job more difficult. A motivated team of developers produces better work. Why? Because we don’t ask our developers to work on 4 projects at a time, we ship apps at a stable and predictable rate (reducing stress) and we empower developers to find the right way to solve a coding problem, not do something a non-technical business-analyst told them to do.

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