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How do you get an “idea” into development as quickly as possible?

At Appster, we don’t believe in just developing apps. Instead, we work with you to challenge business assumptions and disrupt the industry status quo together in a small workshop.

Our idea is to fail quickly and break any elements of the idea (both business and technical) to minimise your risk and maximise your chance of finding product-market fit when you launch.

That’s what we call Appster’s Rapid Concept Workshop.

We’ll build or innovate a new business model, putting together your Product Roadmap for your first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and future development.

What We Do In Rapid Concept Workshop?

  • Business Model Innovation

    We’ll build or innovate a new business model, putting together your Product Roadmap for your first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and future development.

  • Monetization Formulation

    Monetization is often the most difficult part of Product Strategy. With our in-depth knowledge in the industry we will consult you on what gives you the best chance of revenue.

  • Branding and Positioning Matrix

    We’ll help you understand where you fit in the marketplace and get the positioning and branding of your product right.

  • Habitual Dependence

    We’ll look at some ways we can build psychological dependence within your product so you can have people coming back again and again; this is one of the ‘Appster Hacks’ you’ll learn about in workshop.

  • Social Connection Strategy

    Another ‘Appster Hack’ in which we’ll show you a few tactics you can use to transform your own userbase into a free marketing department. This is the basis for how you can grow your user base without spending advertising dollars.

  • User Persona and Demographic Analysis

    We’ll break down your major target audiences to make sure we’re making the right product decisions in workshop.

  • Platform Decisions

    Based on your product strategy we will advise you on the platforms to first target in order to get maximum ROI.

  • Spiking Feasibility and Technical Analysis

    We use a technical team of 4-6 programmers, Technical Analysts, and Business Analysts to conduct analysis over potential complexities or risks within your project, and then advise you on the best approach.

  • Cost of MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

    Unlike traditional development models, we will give you 100% control of your budget and actually work with you in order to hit your ‘Budget Target’… based on your first MVP (the leanest, meanest, ‘least investment possible’ version of the product that is needed in order to launch to market and deliver the highest business value/ROI)

Why the Industry Standard Way of Capturing Requirements Doesn’t Work

Rapid AgileTM starts with the Rapid Concept WorkshopTM, and the understanding that flexibility, innovation and freedom defined in the right contractual agreements (we have what some would label ‘the most unique software development contracts in Australia’) will be what delivers a world-class product.

It is an absolute fallacy to think you can know everything about a project upfront, or know what will be the perfect product 3-9 months from now. This is what kills innovation.

We capture User Stories (features) that are loosely defined but we understand exactly what the objective of that feature is… then we let our engineers come up with the BEST solution possible at that moment in time (not months before in the planning stage!).

Our philosophy says that we expect changes and understand we cannot predict the future. This means that if we come up with a better way to build your product in the future, you will not be locked into a fixed contractual agreement that which means you’ll end up paying more in both money and time.

Below we’ve created a chart that highlights the old model versus Appster’s Rapid Concept WorkshopTM:

Industry Standard
  • Takes up to 10-20 weeks to do RIGHT
  • Requirement Analysts work on multiple projects at the same time
  • 400 emails and comments to define final scope
  • 25 ‘Days of Waste’ waiting for changes from requirements team and vice versa
  • Risks cost blowouts without controlled focus on MVP and collaboration on final product decisions
  • Waiting and incorrect focus equals losing sight of your true project objectives
Rapid Concept
  • Takes 10 working days
  • Total one-on-one focus on your project and your project alone
  • 1.5 – 2 days total focus (all we ask is you give your full attention — switch off your phone!!!)
  • Move to development as soon as we’re done
  • Total control of your budget; together we focus on MVP. YOU decide what you want to spend
  • Complete focus on outcomes and project objectives/CRITICAL NUMBER

Why do I need Rapid Concept

Planning with a Product Strategist is the number one way of reducing your development costs as it allows you to prioritize and remove “nice to have” features, focusing on the critical ones that provide the best value based on the knowledge of our team. By focusing on Product Strategy first, we have a solid foundation from which to capture requirements. This reduces your risk, as you won’t have invested a single dollar in development and will be able to diagnose potential problem areas and brainstorm solutions with your Product Strategist.
This workshop structures your laser-focused prioritisation of product features so you know at what stages you want to build in different features, and can therefore make informed business decisions. You will avoid the ‘innovation-killing’ industry standard scoping processes, and be ready to move into an Agile development process in weeks not months!In an industry where being first to market is crucial, this is the only way to go. It’s structured in a way that allows us to capture and create all the necessary information to move you into development. But, we’re Agile. And that means that you prioritise what’s to be built into your app at every release: that way we can build in the quality so your app is ready to address your market at every step.

The Reason for “Rapid” in Rapid
Concept Workshop

Our aim is to help you get your app to market quickly. Industry standard for gathering clear requirements that ensure a solid development process is usually 10-20 weeks. We are done in 2 weeks. This is incredibly fast. Instead of gathering requirements over 3+ months, leaving yourself vulnerable to life’s ongoing distractions, experiencing hold ups and exchanging 15 emails about a small feature. The workshop is choreographed to ensure an in-depth understanding of your idea in a short amount of time.Appster has built an environment where there are no “drawn out delays”, no “getting lost in emails or text” and no “fuzz factor” from changing gears between your project, work and personal life. Working with Appster you will have 100% attention and 100% dedication to getting your project ready for development in one full throttle workshop. Additionally, the Rapid Concept Workshop™ helps create a completely distraction-free environment where you are prepared (“primed”) for working in the technology industry and focused on one important thing: planning your app and bringing your idea a whole lot closer to reality.

What’s it like to do a
Rapid Concept WorkshopTM

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