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We know that raising capital for your initial product is one of the most difficult processes that prevents entrepreneurs from taking their app idea and making it a reality.

That’s why we created a 2 day intensive bootcamp called: Startup Ready.

It aims to give you best-practices across three critical subject domains that potential founders need to masters in order to raise capital:

1. Seed Capital

When you’re designing your Minimal Viable Product you’ll need capital to initially produce your product. Usually this investment comes from friends, family and early stage investors. We also assist clients with CrowdFunding campaigns, applying for R&D Grants and working on supporting investors with financing.Typically these investments are around $100,000 and tools like prototypes, business plans or demo videos are useful in pitching investors. In Startup Ready we’ll discuss what you need to know to pitch investors, where to find them and the rolodex of incubators and funds throughout Australia.

2. Growth Hacking and Scaling

Once you launch this product how are you going to get users?

Sophisticated Investors are looking for a solid growth plan which is inexperienced and proven on other tech startups. At Startup Ready we’ll run you through:

  • How to build a product that users get ‘addicted’ to using on a weekly, daily or even hourly basis.
  • Growth Hacks: How some of the world’s fastest growing apps acquired users.
  • Virality: What does it take to make something spread?

These three 45-minute sessions allow you to rethink and challenge your existing assumptions and show you real best-practice in other apps for inspiration.

3. Running a Lean Startup

Finally, it’s critical that when you’re looking to build a technology startup like a mobile or web app that
you also know the business rules.

  • You are here now
  • Premature failure risk
  • You need to get here
Most super successful fast growth startups focus on following the lean startup methodology of customer discovery, customer validation, customer creation and finally of company building. At Appster we embrace this whilst building products and it’s important that during conceptualisation, and whilst approaching investors familiar with startups, that you have a clear execution plan.
We’ll be focusing on:

  • Lean Canvas: Figuring out competitive advantage, people strategy, positioning
  • Lean Analytics: Understanding the metrics that matter to yourself and investors
  • Lean Startup 101: How to learn from companies like AirBnB that used Lean Startup to grow exponentially

Discover What Appster has Learnt working with hundreds of Australian Startups

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many People will be in the workshop?
Will my IP be safe?

We run workshops with 10 students at a time. Everyone who participates signs a non-disclosure agreement. However, at no stage does anyone need to speak about their idea or concept to the group. All examples used in the training are either real companies or hypothetical ideas to explain concepts and ideas.

Where are these workshops held? Are they Catered?

We hold the 2 day events in Melbourne, Victoria. The address may change and will be provided upon booking. We provide standard event catering with sandwiches, fruit and coffee/soft drinks. We are usually able to cater for most allergies, so please let us know 48 hours beforehand so we can make arrangements on 1800 709 291. Some clients prefer to buy their own lunch and there are a range of cafes nearby.

What if I Change my mind about developing my app start-up? Can I get a refund?

A significant amount of time and resources goes into the facilitating and planning of the Workshop, and it is usually capped at around 10 people. By booking you in we reserve that space for you. You can reschedule your session up to 7 days before the event. However once you have participated in the Startup Ready Workshop, it is non-refundable.

Do you offer payment plans?

We understand that people seeking capital may not have the full admission funds available for this course. We offer a payment plan of around $50 a week to qualified clients. Please speak to your growth strategist about whether this is the option for you.

Does this workshop have personal consulting?

It is important to keep in mind the workshop is a group session; it’s not a one-on-one training or consulting course. This level of service is provided in Rapid Concept Workshops for pre-development clients. The intention of Startup ready is to teach you everything you need to raise initial capital as well as teach you an overview of lean startup and growth hacking to grow your startup.

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