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Appster does not perform an analysis of the feasibility, marketability, patentability or other protectibility, or profitability of ideas, inventions, discoveries and creations submitted to it. Appster does not represent or guarantee, expressly or impliedly, that the ideas, inventions, discoveries or creations that it submits to industry (1) contain protectible intellectual property rights, or (2) will be feasible, marketable, licensed, sold in stores or elsewhere, or result in any financial gain or profit. In no event shall Appster be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of profits. In making a presentation, application or submission to Appster the customer agrees that these provisions are a part of the parties' agreement and that they will be binding.

We Are Nothing Without Our People

Appster is nothing without its People. Appster’s People philosophy
follows two key ideas: Hire the best. Retain the best

Appster is a global people centric company, with over 400+ fulltime employees. We see attracting and maintaining top performing developers, product managers and other professionals as critical to our mission. When somebody is truly committed to Appster’s mission of creating an unprecedented development hub for the greatest ideas in the world, we call them an Appsterfarian.


Sanjeev Handa

Chief Financial Officer

Prior to Appster, as a divisional CFO, Sanjeev was responsible for $400M in annual revenue at Aricent, one of the world’s largest product engineering services firms with more than 10,000 employees. With over 20 years of experience in improving profitability, revenue growth and shareholder value in international and multicultural environments, he has had global experience in large organisations with more than $1B and also in entrepreneurial firms. Accomplished in building winning finance teams, partnering with business leaders, building annual operating plans, profit turnarounds and cost restructurings, information technology integrations, governance and controls, and pricing, Sanjeev has architected multiple client engagements running into more than $100M.

Vince De Stefano

VP of Sales – APAC

A strategic innovator with a focus on the total client journey, Vince is a true multi-channel sales professional with almost 20 years experience. With a passion and flair for developing high performance sales teams and delivering exceptional customer service, Vince believes that fostering a happy team culture is the key to business success. His ideology forms the cornerstone of Appster’s brand which delivers world-class app development and innovative outcomes – all with an unparalleled customer experience.

Robert Kazmi

VP of Sales – Americas

Robert Kazmi brings a deep understanding of building high-growth repeatable, scalable, predictable and profitable sales organizations. Over the last 20 years, Robert has successfully started up many companies and divisions within larger Fortune 500 companies taking them from zero to hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenues, and transforming declining sales teams to high-growth sales engines. Most recently, as Area VP of North East and Federal at ASG, Robert turned-around a declining team to deliver 173% CAGR over 3 years.

Strategic Advisors

Liz Savage

Advisory Board Member

Founding team at EasyJet, Virgin Australia

Liz was Chief Commercial Officer at Virgin Australia, responsible for $4 billion in global revenue. She was a key member of the Virgin leadership team which delivered the re-branding and transformation of low cost airline Virgin Blue into a full service, more premium carrier. Liz was also on the start-up team of EasyJet, now the largest airline of the United Kingdom by number of passengers carried, operating domestic and international scheduled services on over 600 routes in 32 countries. Liz is an experienced leader, having fulfilled a variety of commercial and executive leadership roles during eighteen years growing and transforming global brands in the UK, Europe and Australia.

David Jaques

Advisory Board Member

Founding CFO of Paypal,
BlueRun Ventures, 500 Start-Ups

David has been instrumental in the financial success of several leading global organisations including PayPal and BlueRun Ventures (Nokia’s venture capital fund). Currently the CFO of 500 Startups and Greenough Consulting Group, David launched his career with Barclays Bank PLC working in both London and New York until taking on the position of Senior Vice President at Silicon Valley Bank. During his time at PayPal, David was instrumental in raising private equity finance totalling $140 million and coordinated the merger of PayPal Inc. and X.com Corporation resulting in a $680 million valuation. Under David’s management as CFO of BlueRun Ventures, assets increased from $150 million to $1 billion in six years.

Kevin Brock

Advisory Board Member

Founder of BrockCRS
FBI strategist

Kevin has a unique blend of leadership experience in both the private and public sectors. He recently founded BrockCRS, LLC where he helps senior decision-makers in the private sector improve their strategic management of evolving cyber risk. He also served as a senior executive with the premier management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. Kevin had a successful career in the FBI where he was exposed to some of the most disruptive challenges of our time. A recognized strategist, he helped create the FBI’s Cyber Division and then led the FBI’s new Intelligence Directorate following 9/11. He was later asked to help establish the president’s National Counterterrorism Center and serve as its Deputy Director. Kevin is a frequently requested conference speaker.


Josiah Humphrey

Co-CEO and Founder

Challenge Assumptions.
Build Things That Change The World

Mark McDonald

Co-CEO and Founder

Disrupt The Status Quo.
Build Things That Change The World

Josiah and Mark have been serial entrepreneurs owning multiple businesses from a young age and are listed in the ‘Top 40 Australian Male Entrepreneurs under 40′. They started Appster both at the age of 19. In 36 months they have aggressively grown to over 220 staff and currently have 400+ staff over three countries, with plans to eventually IPO. They are extremely passionate and obsessed with building a company culture that embodies Appster’s mission: Challenge Assumptions. Disrupt The Status Quo. Build Things That Change The World.

Some of Our Brilliant Staff

  • Luke Naeem
    Account Executive
    Luke Naeem
    Account Executive

    Luke is an accomplished, seasoned consultant with exceptional relationship building qualities. An expert in mobile and web technology determined to help clients find solutions to achieve their desired outcome. He is passionate about delivering outright driven solutions utilizing a Minimum Viable Product approach. He has a deep interest in Finance technology and in his spare time he goes spearfishing.

  • Vincent De Stefano
    VP of Sales - APAC
    Vincent De Stefano
    VP of Sales - APAC

    A strategic innovator with a focus on the total client journey, Vince is a true multi-channel sales professional with almost 20 years experience. With a passion and flair for developing high performance sales teams and delivering exceptional customer service, Vince believes that fostering a happy team culture is the key to business success. His ideology forms the cornerstone of Appster’s brand which delivers world-class app development and innovative outcomes – all with an unparalleled customer experience.

  • Chris Maher
    Account Executive
    Chris Maher
    Account Executive

    Chris Maher is a half-breed. Half technical, Half business savvy. He has extensive experience in market research, decision making analytics and has been a trusted advisor to executives at some of Australia’s largest corporates. Almost paradoxically he has extensive knowledge of software quality methodology. This fusion allows him to assist clients to find best of breed solutions, design MVPs and go-to-market strategies that get results. He’s a product strategist you want on your team.

  • Zach Munn
    Product Manager
    Zach Munn
    Product Manager

    Zach is a Product Manager with a background in Security and Computer Science. Zachs work closely with our Senior Project team to review builds, test functional deliverables and coordinate with client’s to keep their projects on track. He is a strong believer in Lean Methodologies and User Experience practices. Zach has been known to work at ridiculous hours of the night to coordinate with our teams and clients all over the world. The secret to his productivity is his addiction to caffeine and in his spare time he likes to spend too many hours on Udemy learning new things.

  • Chellie May
    Project Manager
    Chellie May
    Project Manager

    Chellie May is an experienced IT professional with nearly a decade under her belt. With a background in software engineering, quality assurance as well as product management she has been a catalyst behind hugely successful international tech startups. Today she focuses on internal projects as well as maintaining Appster’s core systems to keep our business humming as we scale globally.
    She is also running Disruptive Startup Organisation, you can easily spot her in our Disruptive Startup meetups.

  • Thomas Wilding
    Product Strategist
    Thomas Wilding
    Product Strategist

    Tom is a Product Strategist with an awesome background in Software Engineering, who wants to be the catalyst that turns your idea into an explosive and disruptive app made to rock the mobile app world. His hobby of being the best at slaying internet dragons brings a funky perspective to the design table.

  • Esther Humphrey
    Product Strategist
    Esther Humphrey
    Product Strategist

    Esther has worked at Appster for nearly 3 years and built up a team of product strategists who take on all kinds of exciting projects. Having worked on over 200 different concepts herself, she is passionate about fleshing out ideas and building them into businesses that have the best chance of success. Esther is inspired by what technology is going to do for the world and wants to be involved with it in every way possible.

  • Mathew Barker
    Account Executive
    Mathew Barker
    Account Executive

    Mathew (Mat, yes with just one ‘t’), is a seasoned sales professional with a deep understanding of extracting clients needs, pivoting raw ideas into market focused solutions and determining your least investment strategy to hit the market with.
    Mat is here to have a relaxed, in depth conversation with you about your idea and will work with you to turn your dream into a reality.

  • Chris Moretta
    Account Executive
    Chris Moretta
    Account Executive

    Chris is a well rounded consultant with over 10 years of client management experience. He is very passionate about innovative ideas & working with clients to achieve their desired outcome, utilising a Minimum Viable Product approach. Hailing from the UK, Chris has a keen interest in motorsport & also football (played with a round ball!). Further note, feel free to start a conversation about 80’s music – Chris’ guilty pleasure!!

  • Emilia Walerczak
    Emilia Walerczak

    As a Producer at Appster, Emilia eloquently coordinates a variety of UI/UX design and wireframe projects with designers. She’s very hands on with both team members and clients and is often a liaison between the two parties. When she isn’t prioritizing product features for maximum ROI, she is busy managing product updates. Because of her past experiences in business management, marketing and UX design, she’s able to grasp a client’s vision quickly and consult with them on strategies for optimum results.

    Be careful, she has a Metalcore music obsession and doesn’t mind pulling others into the music vortex with her.

  • Ben Jarris
    Creative Director
    Ben Jarris
    Creative Director

    Ben Jarris is Appster’s multi-dimensional Creative Director who leads and directs our team of UX designers, front end developers and programmers. His daily priority is to manage all the creative teams globally while focusing on maximizing results.

    Interestingly enough, Ben co-founded a company called, App In The Box, which has sold millions of units worldwide and was rated the 6th most successful app company in Australia.

    Fun Inside Secret: At Appster, Ben is known for #BennyJLifestyle.

  • Emily Scott
    Emily Scott

    Emily’s background in producing digital assets is what makes her such a talented Producer here at Appster. She develops and maintains projects throughout various stages for clients and also assists them in everything from wire-framing and troubleshooting to technical support and product management. Clients can depend on her to go above and beyond to ensure they are happily meeting their goals no matter how challenging, or deadline driven they are.

    Emily is known as our “Culture Fairy” as she is always there to give a hug when you need it most.

  • Sebastian Petravic
    UI/UX Designer
    Sebastian Petravic
    UI/UX Designer

    Passionate about creating unique, beautiful, and enjoyable digital experiences, Sebastian is a key member of Appster’s UI/UX Design team. Eager to learn and be challenged, he was a part of the first ever New Zealand start-up to attend YCombinator in San Francisco. In his spare time, Sebastian enjoys working on side projects, going to cafes and playing video games.
    Sebastian has a flourishing Coffee addiction, so if you own stocks in Nespresso, it is his hand you need to shake.

  • Alan Blit
    Account Executive
    Alan Blit
    Account Executive

    Alan Blit is an accomplished consultant who believes in the lean startup methodology and takes great pride in working with entrepreneurs by helping them bring their ideas to fruition. With over 12 years of experience in managing key accounts across different industry verticals, Alan is passionate about mobile technology and delivering solutions based on key metrics with a minimum viable product approach. When he is not busy working, he loves playing soccer and Chelsea is his favourite team. Ask him all about it if you ever bump into him.

  • Raffaella Cheruseo
    Director of First Impressions
    Raffaella Cheruseo
    Director of First Impressions

    Raffaella is a vibrant member of our Client Services team whose daily focus is to facilitate the vital connection between our excited clients and our experienced sales team.
    Coming from a professional background in events, Raffaella is well equipped to smooth any speed bumps in client services that are often disguised as concerns or issues. She is happy to help solve any problems where she can!

    Raff has joined us from across the ditch & has fantastic pronunciation of “Fish & Chips” 😉

  • Jake Salonen
    CCO - Chief Cuddle Officer.
    Jake Salonen
    CCO - Chief Cuddle Officer.

    Jake is highly experienced in the provision of unlimited hugs and cuddles. Jake’s wiggly tale and cuteness factor, guarantees satisfaction for both our staff and clients alike. When Jake is not busy giving cuddles, he enjoys walks in the park, his toy panda, and sleeping! *Warning* Jake causes sudden onset of happy feelings with uncontrollable smiling!

  • Jessi Salonen
    Jessi Salonen

    Jessi’s cross-industry background in production and management means she’s an all hands on deck type of Producer. Her focus in the digital sphere is as an advocate for her clients throughout their development journey. With her breadth of experience on multi platform projects, she leaves no stone unturned on the journey from inception to launch to maximise ROI.

    And what’s that accent she has? Why that’s Nordic Viking of course!

  • Ross Mudd
    UX/UI Art Director
    Ross Mudd
    UX/UI Art Director

    Ross is one of our brilliant UX/UI Art Director’s in the Melbourne office. Having worked at various agencies in the UK and creating mobile experiences for some major brands, Ross boarded a plane and headed to Australia to work especially for Appster after falling in love with the idea of helping people bring their ideas to life.

    Being British he does moan about the weather all the time (he’s yet to find his Goldilocks moment as of yet – bless him) but he really enjoys his work and he’s at his happiest when he’s working on new and awesome projects. His attention to detail and love for visual design means your idea couldn’t be in better hands.

    He also has one of the best laughs you’ll come across, so be sure to crack some jokes when you meet him – you won’t regret it.

  • Daniel White
    UI/UX Designer
    Daniel White
    UI/UX Designer

    Daniel White is one of our UI/UX Designers here at Appster and another member of the “Design Den Coffee tribe”. Ever-passionate about design, Daniel loves creating work that is clean and minimalistic. On the surface seems to be the most quiet person around the office but never doubt his performance! Work ethic level – High. “Smashing it out” as he always says.
    As the proud owner of a huge games collection on PS4, he spends most of his free time playing video games!

    Daniel is often back at it again with the white Vans. Damn Daniel!

  • Rifan Thamrin
    UI/UX Designer
    Rifan Thamrin
    UI/UX Designer

    Rifan is a superstar in our office. As a designer, he loves clean and minimal design. Rifan believes that any design work should be pleasing and remarkable without the strain of redundant clutter and diversion. With him, life is all about design, sports and good laughs. Have you seen him performing break dance in our office? Check out our Facebook page for the video clip, you will sure admire his multi-talents and have a good laugh. Rifan is also a die-hard fan of FC Barcelona, he loves them! And we love him.

  • An Tran
    Market Research Analyst
    An Tran
    Market Research Analyst

    Coming from a background in Psychology and Market Research, An mainly works alongside the Traction Labs team where he provides valuable insight on what early adopters and potential users are thinking. His main responsibility is conducting market research interviews and market validation for clients to ensure they have a good understanding of who their potential customers are.

    A self proclaimed foodie outside of work he spends a lot of time looking for new restaurants and places to eat at and enjoys long walks on the beach.

  • Carlos Ribeiro
    UI/UX Designer
    Carlos Ribeiro
    UI/UX Designer

    Having recently finished his postgraduate degree in Digital Media & UX at Victoria University, Carlos is a pixel lover with a professional background in digital, branding, and advertising design. Carlos applies his design expertise to create flawless user experiences. As a member of Appster’s UX team, he works closely with our art director, our designers, and our producers to understand a client’s vision. Working with them, he produces interactive solutions tailored to client needs. Carlos enjoys a good coffee every morning, mountain biking, and bossanova. We regret to inform you that, despite his accent, he is not related to Antonio Banderas.

  • Soheb Sarwar
    UI/UX Designer
    Soheb Sarwar
    UI/UX Designer

    Soheb is an experienced graphic and web designer with 4+ years communications design experience across medium to large organisations.
    Over the course of his career, he has undertaken projects and clients from various sectors such as Professional Industry Associations, Education, Technology, Health and Law. He specialises in interpreting briefs and delivering bespoke services such as Collateral Design, Branding, Brand Positioning, Management & Development, Web Design, Design Management, Social Media Marketing and Digital Strategy.

    He is extremely passionate about the design in everyday things and wishes his voice was smooth for Apple product voiceovers.

  • Manish Ahluwalia
    Manish Ahluwalia

    Manish is an experienced IT professional with more than a decade experience in project and account management. With a background in software engineering, quality assurance as well as project management, he is also both Microsoft and Prince2 professional certified.
    Manish is a strong believer in agile methodologies. He is great with people and building synergistic and mutually beneficial relationships within a team environment through a collaborative approach.
    Manish has been known to work for ridiculously long hours of the night to coordinate with our teams and clients all over the world keeping their projects on track.
    Apart from work in his spare time, he likes travelling and getting to know cultural diversity and people across the globe.
    Manish is often paparazzied and published in the newspapers around Melbourne featuring in random stories about the weather!

A World Leading “BIG” Development Firm with the Innovation and Scrappiness of a Technical Co-Founder

One concern many clients have is they don’t trust a small firm to execute their project; but how will you ensure that your product development won’t get lost amongst hundreds of other large projects? Appster works exclusively with high potential disruptive startups and every project is important; that’s why we organise our company around YOU.

Instead of having countless departments and cross functional hierarchies, we build stable and high performing teams which work with each other regularly and with limited clients, so they get your vision and dream and can truly get onboard executing it. It’s HOW you get the execution power of a global “big” development firm with the transparency and collaboration of having a technical co-founder.

One client one Journey

Want to Join Us?

To find out more about working at Appster, check out our Careers page. We’re always looking for talented people looking to work towards our mission. If you’re a high performance person with the ambition to become the best in the world at what you do, then you’ll find a home at Appster.

So What Have We Done So Far?

We’re only 3.5 years old but since then we’ve:

Hired over 400+ Staff with offices in San Francisco, Melbourne and India. Our developers are regularly benchmarked in the top 5% of their technology.

Grown over 2000% in 3 years, with plans to scale our operations to 42 countries and become a billion dollar a year revenue company.

Created the prototype and initial tech for a geo-payments system known as Bluedot. We pioneered methods to reduce battery drain and got accuracy within 1m. This had a $6m valuation in 12 months and was called a potential billion dollar startup in The Australian. It received a large investment by Commercialisation Australia, and the founding CFO of PayPal signed on to become a Director.

Helped disrupt the ticketing industry with Bus Transport, building big Data and consumer analytics to provide game changer insights into routes. This solution has been adopted on a white label basis by companies around the world.

Where Are We Headed To Next?

Our Four Promises


Open Company



Change is good

Be productively paranoid


High Performance

Always raising the bar



Do what you say and take responsibility

Contact us for a 30 minute free consultation