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Revolutionizing a century old industry


The first public bus transport network was created in the 19th century, yet the customer experience is practically the same over a hundred years later.

Well known issues

Bus Passenger

  • They have to look at their timetable.
  • Walk to the stop 10 minutes ahead of time just in case the bus is early, huddle under the inadequate shelter with strangers to escape the elements.
  • Spend a few minutes buying a ticket from the bus driver who never has correct change for a note over the value of $20.

Bus Driver

  • Has to deal with unexpected road traffic.
  • Have very little knowledge of how many passengers are at which stop, and where other buses are located in relation to themselves.
  • Spend a few minutes buying a ticket from the bus driver who never has correct change for a note over the value of $20.

Challenge for our team

The team at TransportMe wanted to challenge the century old established behaviour and use technology to change the way pasengers and drivers interact over booking a ride, in the process make bus commuting easier, secure and more efficient for everyone.


Immediately Upon Launching, The Startup Won the Prestigious BRW 27th Most Innovative Company

(Ranking 2 Places Below Coca Cola)

  • Easily track
    position of buses

    Passengers can easily track where the buses are on their routes so they don’t have to waste time standing at stops, or miss possible appointments because of traffic delays.

  • Book and pay
    with a smartphone

    Created in conjunction with Governments and Industry, Appster designed and develped TransportMe as an easy to use app allowing drivers and passengers to interact easily, book and pay for a ride with a smartphone, and avoid standing in queues.

  • Automate the process of generating reports

    Drivers can generate easy to understand reports for govermnets and transport organisations and save time and administration costs by fully automating the process.

Recognition Across Online and Offline Media

Technical Challenges

TransportMe was designed to be intuitive and user friendly for passengers, drivers and operators alike.

TransportMe intelligently tracks the driver’s current location so bus drivers can perform transactions with passengers autonomously and less prone-to-error. Drivers can discover passenger bus stop traffic and know in advance when passengers wish to alight, helping to provide excellent customer service.

TransportMe’s infrastructure was built to support a large transport network seamlessly. Network Operators can track the location of hundreds of bus locations simultaneously within an accuracy of 10 meters, giving unprecedented insight into real-time operations.

Appster developed TransportMe robust enough to overcome cell tower data drops in Australian rural areas, providing an unparalleled experience for drivers and passengers alike. TransportMe saves time and money by generating real time compliance reports, reducing the burden of these otherwise bureaucratic procedures which can distract the Bus Industry from focusing on customer service.


Our company, TransportMe, contracted Appster to develop an app for ticketing/GPS/Reporting. We have built a relationship over the past 18 months that has been a wonderful experience. The communication and service provided by Appster has been second to none, and the attention to detail has been exceptional. Overall, we are extremely happy we decided on choosing Appster for our business and we look forward to many more dealings with them in the future.


Nigel ToothTransportMe

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