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We'll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project's confidentiality
All information is stored securely on Appster databases. We do not share or sell confidential information with any 3rd party companies. Client privacy and confidentiality is our #1 Concern.


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Appster does not perform an analysis of the feasibility, marketability, patentability or other protectibility, or profitability of ideas, inventions, discoveries and creations submitted to it. Appster does not represent or guarantee, expressly or impliedly, that the ideas, inventions, discoveries or creations that it submits to industry (1) contain protectible intellectual property rights, or (2) will be feasible, marketable, licensed, sold in stores or elsewhere, or result in any financial gain or profit. In no event shall Appster be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of profits. In making a presentation, application or submission to Appster the customer agrees that these provisions are a part of the parties' agreement and that they will be binding.
Often people ask us: How do I know Appster will protect my idea and intellectual property? With IP theft costs $300 billion a year in the United States alone, it’s a great point. Because we work with disruptive startups and innovative companies everyday IP protection is at the core of everything we do. Here’s what we do:

No Development Outsourcing


Chief Of Execution

Our Team of 400+ Staff
and Years of Experience
At Appster we outsource ZERO Development. Most Australian developers (many you probably get a quote from) actually outsource their work to subcontractors in places like India or China that are a 3rd party firm they have no control of. So instead they act as just an agency with client facing project managers and salespeople.

Why should you care? If they’re outsourcing their projects they have no control over your intellectual property, or even who owns the rights to your code as the developers are not under their employment agreements.

Non Disclosure Agreements


Appster will happily sign a mutual NDA to protect your idea legally and to make sure it’s clear that you own your intellectual property. These are the same agreements that have been vetted by some of the largest corporate legal departments in Australia and designed to protect your interests.

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Our clients trust us

Employee Non-Competes

What’s the point of having an NDA and agreement with a company if your intellectual property rights aren’t clearly outlined in the employees of the development firm’s employment agreements. They could just leave the firm and work on your idea!

At Appster you’re 100% protected with our employment agreements written by the 8th largest law firm in the world to protect your IP.

International Reputation and Recognition

David Jaques

Advisory Board Member

Liz Savage

Advisory Board Member

Appster is a global market leader and trusted expert appearing everywhere from Forbes, Venturebeat, BBC, Financial Review, The Australian, Business Insider to BRW. We have advisors such as the founding CFO of Paypal and CCO of Virgin Australia helping lead the company – because we’ve spent years as a reliable and trustworthy partner to people with incredible ideas.

We made our living based on entrepreneurial ideas and startups, and the trust our clients gave us. We would lose many millions of dollars stealing any client’s idea. It’s literally not even an option for Appster.


Password Protected Project
Management System

Whether it’s a security ID entry at our development office with security guards out the front or our locked down development servers and project management tools.
We use best in breed tools to communicate only with the people that need to know about sensitive information.

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