Each year, Startup Daily publishes its Top 50 male entrepreneurs list, recognising the talent and achievements of young men creating startup companies.

Much like our Top 50 female entrepreneurs list published in March, we use a wide set of metrics in putting this list together. This means that although financial turnover and capital raised are factors we look at, these are not the primary reasons an entrepreneur would make the list.

In addition to revenue, the team looked at social influence, industry influence, company mission, current traction of the company (rather than age of the company) and of course, as a startup focused publication, the list is heavily biased towards technology based business founders. All men on this year’s list have utilised technology in some way to scale their ventures.

Any formal advisors or partners of Startup Daily were not eligible to make the list.

Our Top 50 Male Entrepreneurs for 2015 are:

1 Dave Greiner Campaign Monitor
Ben Richardson Campaign Monitor

Appster campaignmonitor TOP 40 male E

Dave and Ben, Founders of Campaign Monitor

This year, the co-founders of email communication platform Campaign Monitor have taken out the top spot on the list. Over the past 12 or so months, not only have they had the largest amount of capital injected into an Australian tech startup in history, but the company recently bought the platform Get Feedback giving them further reach and an instant team to leverage as it continued in its international expansion pursuits. Campaign Monitor also moved into a new city based headquarters this year.

2 Mike Cannon-Brookes Atlassian
Scott Farquhar Atlassian
3 Matthew Tripp BetEasy
4 Ruslan Kogan Kogan
5 Mitchell Harper BigCommerce
Eddie Machaalani BigCommerce
6 Casey Ellis BugCrowd
Chris Raethke BugCrowd
7 Chris Strode Invoice2go
8 Bardia Houseman Houseman Weir Investments
9 Cliff Obrecht Canva
Cameron Adams Canva
10 Matt Mickiewicz Hired
11 Michael Fox Shoes of Prey
Mike Knapps Shoes of Prey
12 Luke Anear Safety Culture

It is worth mentioning that Luke Anear began the journey of transforming his business – a workplace health and safety consultancy into a tech company in 2011. As a new software developer, Anear’s company SafetyCulture, released a smartphone application called iAuditor.

The flagship smartphone app is being used over 25,000 times a day by workers right across the globe and the company is backed by investors like Bill Tai and Blackbird VC as well as fellow Top 50 Entrepreneur Scott Farquhar.

13Josiah HumphriesAppster Mark McDonaldAppster14Lex PedersonSurfStitch Justin CameronSurfStitch15Alec LynchDesignCrowd16Tim FungAirtasker Jonathan LuiAirtasker17Sheng YeoOrionVM Alex SharpOrionVM18Dean RamlerMilan Direct19Pete MooreNinja Blocks Daniel FriedmanNinja Blocks20Phil BousaLifx Andrew BirtLifx21Matthew SweenyFlirtey Ahmed HaiderFlirtey22Todd SullivanFlightfox

One of the stark differences between the men’s and women’s lists in 2015 was the way in which, when it came to looking at our male entrepreneurs, the Startup Daily team was almost immediately able to exclude all non-tech related businesses. This means that 100% of those entrepreneurs listed here work exclusively in the tech-startup ecosystem.

Appster airtasker TOP 40 male E
Airtasker founders, Tim Fung and Jonathan Lui

23 Lachlan McKnight LegalVision
Evan Tait-Styles LegalVision
24 Jindou Lee Happy Inspector
Andrew Mackenzie-Ross Happy Inspector
25 Matt Milosavljevic Macropod Software
Alan Downie Macropod Software
26 Brian Gaffney Setkick
Matt Drake Setkick
27 Fred Kimel HandKrafted
28 Chris Brycki Stockspot
29 Aaron Joseph Schmidt Animatly
Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart Animatly
30 Martin Chee eClosure
Pedram Afshar eClosure

Although Animatly has not launched yet or even received any press coverage on what it is building behind the scenes, early indications show us that it will do for animation what Canva did for design. Given the need for easy to create video content in business, this technology will bring the same standards of UI / UX to video creation realm rendering sub-standard competitor sites almost useless.

31 Chris Koch Pop!
Chad Stephens Pop!
32 Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin Bluechilli
33 Scott Julian Effective Measure
Andrew Julian Effective Measure
34 Phillip Mason Bubble Gum Interactive
Paul Gray Bubble Gum Interactive
35 Emil Davityan Bluedot Innovation
Filip Eldic Bluedot Innovation
36 Zac Altman LoungBuddy
37 Bosco Tan* PocketBook
Alvin Singh* PocketBook
38 Ashley Davies Tablo.io
39 Chris Hexton Vero
James Lamont Vero
40 David Truong Redu.us
Wenpo Sun Redu.us

*Disclosure: Pocketbook and Startup Daily have one or more of the same investors.

Appster pop TOP male E
The founders of Pop!

41 Ned Moorefield GoCatch
42 Bao-Minh Tran-Vo c8apps
Charles Noble c8apps
43 Marcus Lim OneFlare
Adam Dong OneFlare
44 Hugh Minson Nexus Notes
Richard Horden-Gibbings Nexus Notes
45 Phillip Andrews Liquid State
46 Jake McKeon MoodSwing
Chris Long MoodSwing
47 Matt Way Churn.tv / Warmest 100
Nick Drewe Churn.tv / Warmest 100
48 Sam Chandler Nitro
49 Carl Hartmann Temando
50 Simon Guerrero TicketBooth
Matthew James TicketBooth

– See more at: http://www.startupdaily.net/top-50-male-entrepreneurs-40/#sthash.QtzE1sDy.dpuf

Originally published On STARTUP DAILY

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