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Accor is a highly acclaimed and universally recognized hotel chain with locations in 95 countries, and currently has over 4,200 hotels operating under its umbrella. With a global staff compliment exceeding some 250,000 hospitality experts, they encourage their millions of world-wide guests to passionately “live your dreams and rediscover the meaning of world travel.”

As a global hospitality leader, Accor personnel are mandated to apply all of their energy into spreading the most powerful promise in the hospitality profession, namely – to make guests: “Feel Welcome”

In an effort to further strengthen the company brand as well as elevate a customer’s experience to a new level while staying as a guest at one of their hotels, Accor needed an App that assisted their staff in creating pleasant and enhanced, lifetime memories.


Becoming communicators.

Among other issues, screen size presented itself as a potential problem, especially in light of the enormous volume of data that would have to be incorporated into the App, and displayed on-screen to end-users.

Another equally difficult challenge centered around resolving issues related to a number of various language translations that had to function seamlessly, and on-demand in the App, in order for it to meet the requirements Accor stipulated as must have.


Getting everyone to talk.

In the final analysis, by far the most complex challenge for Appster developers, turned out to be the smooth integration of a seamless translation functionality that accommodated up to seven different language groups. Additionally, the App needed to have the ability to store and accommodate the required amount of content and data that would enable Accor to fulfill the directive it had mandated upon management and staff.


Developing empathy on the go


Behind the scenes.




The Heartiest Journey.

Accor’s Heartiest Journey App is in essence an interactive program designed to inspire Hotel employees to develop new skills and master the art and science related to human connections.

The agenda focuses and keeps staff members centered around the maintaining of an open mind, while learning and acquiring new and better ways to communicate with coworkers and guests alike. Equipping each with the ability to build better quality relationships, and also learn to understand why people behave the way they do.

Staff participate in a step-by-step, progressive 3-year program with the aim of learning how to better their customer’s experience and create a pleasant, lifetime memory for their guests.

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