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AECOM is a highly respected and acclaimed worldwide engineering and management firm who designs, builds, finances, operates and manages properties, projects and programs that unlock development opportunities, protect the environment and improve the lives of people in countries, all around the globe.

Representatives of AECOM relayed clearly to the Appster team that; “The vision is to create an office environment that is driven by the workers in order to increase their productivity, happiness, comfortability, and eventually provide a space they love coming to and enjoy it while they are there.”

Subsequently, in order to better manage and improve its responsiveness to clients and tenants across its vast global real estate holding empire, AECOM needed a solution that enabled 
it to not only determine what the needs of its clients were in real time, but too respond quickly and effectively to any and all eventualities that could arise at any number of its international locations.


Giving data meaning.

Convinced that behind every successful enterprise there exists ongoing, and forthright communication that allows stake holders to effectively and with clarity, communicate issues that effect not only the quality of service rendered to a client, but also the effectiveness inside a workplace environment, Appster developers went to work.


Staying connected.

The obvious challenge as well as the solution the development team must overcome and incorporate into the App, was the ability for end-users whose base of operations were scattered abroad in various international locations, to communicate freely, and on an ongoing basis with AECOM head-office administrators, and complete the task in a way and manner that was not impeded by time zones or linguistics.


Ultimate controll at a tap.


Behind the scenes.




AECOM office pulse.

This leading-edge solution is designed to function as a feedback tool aimed at various building site locations managed under the AECOM umbrella. From a functional standpoint, the app collects relative real-time data from its circle of tenants on a regularly scheduled basis.

The purpose behind the collected data is to give AECOM the ability to understand the sentiments of its office workers, and too assess the functionality of building amenities. In order to understand and keep abreast as it relates to the operational status of their properties, the app probes and asks end-users a series of questions that must be replied to.

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