Hunt Master.

Internationally acclaimed Jägermeister liqueur is available in every corner of the globe, and is the drink of choice for millions of aficionados in 129 countries. In fact, according to Impact International, the 139-year-old Jägermeister brewery is ranked eighth in sales of international premium brands.

As a universally recognized brand name, Jägermeister consistently is in search of new and innovate ways to promote its popular trademark while increasing public recognition and sales.


Racing to the end.

The timeline behind the creation of this App was extremely tight, but at the end of the day, the Appster development team overcame this hurtle successfully. Other issues identified were in the areas of functionality. For instance, a solution on how to best implement the overall mechanics of the game, as well as how to balance what would turn out to be a complex scoring system into the App, became front and center issues.


Searching for the right prey.

The Appster development team went to work and in conjunction with Jägermeister representatives, decided upon a leading-edge App by the name of “Hunt Master”.

In essence, this App would serve and function as a promotional game that would utilize Augmented Reality technology, in combination with an iPad camera.


Jobs at your fingertips.


Behind the scenes.




Championing AR.

While working on this project, the major challenges facing the development team involved integrating the various leading-edge technologies such as the augmented reality technology in combination with the data heavy game mechanics, together with the complex game scoring system.

All of these various technologies must then be presented and displayed inside a user-friendly interface, that ensured users of the App enjoyed a positive experience which not only fulfilled the purpose and mandate behind it, but also further promoted the five core values Jägermeister champions.

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