A hodge-podge of technology

The New South Wales Dept. of Education was actively searching for an effective solution that would facilitate the unique needs of both its field staff, as well as participating members of the public, who were to be targeted in conjunction with their provincially mandated literacy fact-finding program.

In response to this, Appster designed a world class user friendly experience that functions seamlessly from within an iPad platform, for exclusive use by on the ground government health workers, and members of the public.

This leading-edge platform also includes an intuitive administrative portal for NSW Health administrators, which successfully and seamlessly unites both health workers, and the public they serve, together under a common cause.


A hodge-podge oftechnology.

There were a multitude of issues from both a technical, as well as an end user perspective that presented itself to developers going into the project. Among them, the need for the App to accommodate in a seamless manner a hodgepodge of technologies such as video and audio feeds, including an audio playback functionality was a major issue.

Undergirding this, was the need for a user-friendly interface design that allowed both government field workers and public participants to have an unencumbered accessibility to a customized technology solution.


Managing field representatives.

The major challenge that presented itself to the development team, involved determining and building an ideal platform which could both incorporate, and facilitate a predetermined list of technologies the team had concluded was essential, in order for the App to meet the field and administrative requirements of the NSW department of education.

In the final analysis, it was determined that the ideal platform must include a sizeable end-user screen in order to accommodate the necessary volume of user data. It must also be user-friendly, as well as interactive and include the ability of field workers to increase, or decrease, the size of the fonts, the back-ground colours on the screen, together with the ability to adjust as needed, the audio volume levels.


Real time data collection


Behind the scenes.




Capturing data in real-time.

This leading-edge solution is designed to function as a feedback tool aimed at various building site locations managed under the AECOM umbrella. From a functional standpoint, the app collects relative real-time data from its circle of tenants on a regularly scheduled basis.

The purpose behind the collected data is to give AECOM the ability to understand the sentiments of its office workers, and too assess the functionality of building amenities. In order to understand and keep abreast as it relates to the operational status of their properties, the app probes and asks end-users a series of questions that must be replied to.

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