Definitive Technology

In 2017, there were over 2.3 billion smartphone owners worldwide. Simultaneously, mobile and tablet devices have overtaken the desktop as the primary device for Internet use.

The face of the modern office is changing too. What used to be a centralized hub of business activity has now become more fluid and complex with the advent of mobility and BYOD.

According to a recent survey, 60% of employees now spend more than one-quarter of their time away from their desks, dependent on mobile devices.

Mobile is the defining technology of our times. Combined with all the related technology trends, stemming from the mobile revolution, such as VR, IoT and AI, enterprises can now tap into a limitless source of opportunities for innovation, productivity and revenue growth.




Now you can have Grill’d in your pocket all the time. Figuratively not literally (that would be messy).
This is just the beginning and we’re still making changes, so we’d love to get your feedback along the way, after all, this is for you, the Healthy Burger Lovers.
We don’t want this to be just another app, this is the Grill’d App, from a better place.
What does it do? All your Grill’d information in the one place, as well as localised news and promos tailored just to you. What else? All your go-to burgers are right there for easy takeaway ordering. Swipe right for the new love of your life: Grill’d burgers on the new Grill’d app.
This version includes:
IN APP ORDERING. Order directly from the app for pick up. View your past orders for faster ordering with no queues.
RESTAURANT LOCATOR. Enter your location for your nearest Grill’d restaurant. Save your favourite for your next order and localised menu details.
FREE STUFF. Get the latest news and promotions delivered directly to your phone.
NUTRITIONAL CONTENT. Macros, micros, don’t knows. Have all our nutritional content right in the palm of your hand.
And it’s all free, so you can spend your money on the more important things in life. Like, burgers, in the app, now.

“Technology touches everything. Tomorrow, less will be more; less face-to-face, more interface. I welcome you all to the future. Expect to see wonderful things.”

Michael Frausing, Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT Enabled Services Group, Globe Telecom

How Enterprise Mobility Differs from Mobile?

As David Armano of HBR summed it up: “Mobile itself is the nuts, bolts, and infrastructure, while mobility is the context which determines if it all works together or doesn’t.”

For enterprise developing and deploying, mobile solutions can be a large and ongoing challenge. Particularly for companies with complex operations.

To succeed, enterprise leaders must take a comprehensive 
and scalable approach for maximum efficiency and productivity without sacrificing security, reliability, and performance.

While doing so can start with important decisions, such as building native vs. cross platform, to develop and deploy successful projects, much harder questions have to
be considered.

“The growing infusion of enterprise applications with intelligence and leading-edge features, such as analytics, AR/VR capabilities, and machine intelligence, along with ‘just-enough’ customizability, will drive competitiveness in the long run.”

Denise Lund, Research Director, IDC

Building Value With Mobile Technology

Just like Internet companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook have become the Ford Motors, GE and 
Coca-Cola of of our time, mobility has the power to reshape every industry.
Apart from boosting revenue, employee productivity, customer engagement, brand experiences and so on, it can 
be the determining factor in the long-term outlook for every corporation today.
In the following year, several trends and use cases will continue driving value creation in the enterprise
mobility space. They include:
Engagement and 

Mobile banking is taking off. Apart from convenience, it presents an opportunity for fast-acting institutions to reach new customers, improve their loyalty rates, and dramatically improve sales through specialized in-app offers.

Internet of Things 

Major retail brands report that over 30% of their customers made a payment with their mobile device. Companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung are now challenging banks in this space.

Augmented and 
Virtual Reality

From smartwatch banking to using behavioral biometric and positional sensors, shipping and manufacturing control sensors, financial institutions 
can improve underwriting and reach 
new markets.

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