Giant Rising

M-commerce is on the rise, set to become a $250 billion market in the coming years. Sixty-three percent of millennials shop on their smartphones every day, according to a recent study.

Technologies like Apple Pay have changed the retail experience. Reports from major brands show that 30% of customers pay with their smartphones in-store.

Then there’s the meteoric rise in sensor and beacon proliferation. The opportunities for innovation are limitless.

Forward-thinking retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom have installed Magic Mirrors, Smart Fitting Rooms, and other innovations that enhance the customer’s experience.

The combination of the rising mobile, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, augmented reality and big data technologies 
is dramatically reshaping the retail industry and customer experiences.




Now you can have Grill’d in your pocket all the time. Figuratively not literally (that would be messy).
This is just the beginning and we’re still making changes, so we’d love to get your feedback along the way, after all, this is for you, the Healthy Burger Lovers.
We don’t want this to be just another app, this is the Grill’d App, from a better place.
What does it do? All your Grill’d information in the one place, as well as localised news and promos tailored just to you. What else? All your go-to burgers are right there for easy takeaway ordering. Swipe right for the new love of your life: Grill’d burgers on the new Grill’d app.
This version includes:
IN APP ORDERING. Order directly from the app for pick up. View your past orders for faster ordering with no queues.
RESTAURANT LOCATOR. Enter your location for your nearest Grill’d restaurant. Save your favourite for your next order and localised menu details.
FREE STUFF. Get the latest news and promotions delivered directly to your phone.
NUTRITIONAL CONTENT. Macros, micros, don’t knows. Have all our nutritional content right in the palm of your hand.
And it’s all free, so you can spend your money on the more important things in life. Like, burgers, in the app, now.

“The three most important things in retail are location, location, location. The three most important things for our consumer business are technology, technology, technology.”

Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO, Amazon

How is Retail Different?

A recent study by Applift shows that 51% of mobile app-users use retail apps in-store to assist them with their shopping needs.

A successful application needs a solid onboarding process and engagement features that will prompt users to use the app frequently and at the right time.

Then there’s creativity and a deep understanding of the shopper’s needs that lead to a successful product.

“If it’s high-touch retail, you want to provide great experiences and entertainment. But if it’s grocers or big-box stores, the technology needs to make that experience more seamless and efficient.”

Michael Klein, Director of Industry Strategy, Adobe

Our Solution

The mobile revolution has changed the way retailers can interact with their customers. People spend 90% of smartphone time in applications. Sixty-five percent of customers spend time on their mobile device while waiting in line.
Quite simply, enhancing retail experience with technology is the most natural transition today. Here are several use-cases and mobile technologies shaping the retail industry today:
Geolocation technologies

Global retail leaders, such as Walmart, Tesco and Target, utilize apps to help customers find the nearest store and its opening times, products and facilities.

Loyalty programs

Combined with big data, retailers can now deliver highly targeted exclusive offers, discounts, early bird specials and much more.

Mobile payments

By integrating a customer’s credit card details into the app, retailers can provide maximum payment convenience.

Sensors and beacons

Another technology helping increase customers’ offline spendings. For example, sending customers special offers when they’re in proximity to a store, and delivering ads to them at the right time and place.


Combining sensor technologies, mobile and data, retailers can now get highly specific information about customer behavior that’s based on real data rather than hypotheses, and use that to dramatically improve their revenues.

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