iFarm was looking to lower farmers’ expenses, raise awareness of market movements, and maximize a given farm’s return on investment.

This meant creating tools that would:

  • Track input monitoring
  • Budget per acre
  • Track the health and status of all trades in real tim
  • Show weather reports along with rainfall predictions
  • Track bushels sold and bushels left to market
  • View market data for corn, soybeans and wheat
  • Monitor what elevators are offering, with local cash bid data
  • Track market movements with a Commodity Ticker


Success in the market

Acquired by Agrible

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Clients who are using IFARM

Old dogs, new tricks.

Many farmers are still budgeting and doing crop calculations on pen and paper. This causes user error, miscalculations, and other inconsistencies. Decisions on where to sell their crop are made by calling all the local elevators to find out buying rates – a time-consuming task.

Appster was tasked to provide an easy tool that removes old-school methods, and provides a seamless experience across crop monitoring, expenses and market awareness without the hassle.

Market segment

Defining the user base.

The market segment was quite niche. We targeted anyone who was working within modern agriculture.


Tracking your payments.


Behind the scenes.




Simplicity rules.

The main demographic of farmers are people aged 45 and over. These are individuals who are not familiar with technology, and not very smartphone savvy. They do have web access and know it can be useful.

Therefore, we had to make it as simple as possible to use, so as not to alienate the user base.


Filtering key information.

Appster had to collate a wealth of available information from several sources into one easy-to-use platform, including:

  • Cost of fertilizer, seeds, chemicals utilized on a farm
  • Predictive farm insurance calculations for any season
  • Forecast revenue earned from a given crop
  • Intuitive graphical representation of expenses vs. revenue for a crop
  • Projected vs. guaranteed bushels from one season of farming
  • Weather indicator for any area in the United States
Case studies

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