Appster was tasked with designing MyOwnCFO to provide managers of emerging business with real-time analysis of their company’s performance and show clearly how cash flow can be anaged and increased.

The app has intuitive key indicators that explain how cash has been generated or spent, together with an action list and reports that will prompt improvement on the way to sustainability.


Generalist Approach.

Small businesses are operated by a small group of people who manage all tasks as generalists, and do not specialize in fields like accounting. They simply manage their accounting invoices, receipts, loans, assets, etc. for the purpose of staying compliant with regulatory norms.

The problem with this is that they are unable to gain insight from all the data that would be apparent to a trained accountant. As a result, they may hire an accounting firm to help them manage their finances and understand their assets and liabilities.

Market segment

Defining the user base.

The target market is managers and financial managers of startup and emerging companies.


Tracking your payments.


Behind the scenes.





Gain Insights.

MyOwnCFO uses the data in an online tool to derive valuable insights using complex algorithms, correlations, comparisons and time-based money movements.

The app uses proprietary formulae to crunch the numbers and summarize everything in 7 simple KPIs that are of high relevance to the business owners.

A language synthesis algorithm then converts these numbers into simple English that can be understood by any stakeholder, regardless of their financial training.


Becoming Accountants.

The Appster team first had to learn accountancy to understand the challenges. Thousands of complex mathematical calculations had to be done to explain business performance.

Case studies

Some of our other projects.

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