Payix provides state-of-the-art collections tools, payment processing resources and business intelligence solutions to U.S. lenders and auto dealers.

Offering white-label services and real-time loan management system (LMS) integration, it helps lenders and auto dealers connect with their borrowers and improve their ability to collect payments.


Success in the market

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Improving loan repayments.

The client wanted to build an app that would help lenders process loan payments and recurring payments, and put borrowers in contact with a customer service representative using a mobile based real-time chat interface.

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    The project included assisting Payix with PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider certification.
  2. 2.
    In this project rather than use an existing payment gateway, we created our own proprietary payment gateway, Payix.IO.
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    Payix is a registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) of Deutsche Bank, and is powered by First Data.
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    As a Merchant Service Provider (MSP), it accepts payments made via check card, credit card, prepaid cards, and electronic check/bank draft (ACH).
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    Its gateway has the ability to support both the Visa and MasterCard Consumer Debt Repayment Programs™ (CDRP)


Streamlining payments.

We had to provide a streamlined loan payment mechanism to subprime borrowers in the auto industry. The app had to be built to provide an intuitive workflow to make payments, schedule recurring payments, and chat with a lender.

Additionally, provide lenders a one-of-a-kind web-based administration portal, providing real-time control over borrower interactions with Payix white-labeled payment products.

Market segment

Defining the user base.

The target audience is consumers with less-than-stellar credit who want to be able to take control of their bill paying and communication experience.

They need an intuitive and easy way to make payments, schedule future payments, and talk to someone at the company when there is a problem.


Simplifying recurring payments.


Behind the scenes.



Responsive Web



Tappable payments.

The app addresses the business challenge by providing an easy-to-use platform to subprime borrowers. It presents a beautiful loan dashboard that is deeply intuitive. A user can trigger a payment with the ease of tapping a button, and has the ability to schedule recurring payments.

The most vital part of the app is that it enables a user to chat with a customer service representative to assist with making payments or answering questions.


Becoming compliant.

This was a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider app, which presented many challenges.

  • It had to adhere to top-level security practices.
  • Password encryption was critical.
  • Vulnerability assessments had to be performed.

We integrated with First Data Corporation, a global payment technology solutions company Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA. The development team had to go through exhaustive documentation, TOR testing, payment channel certification, and hundreds of test scripts required by First Data.

We also integrated with Nortridge Software, a large loan management system (LMS) provider based in Lake Forest, CA.

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