Why is flexibility in development so critical to success?

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Arguably the best technology startup incubator in the world. Forbes called YCombinator “the most commercially successful seed accelerator in the world.”

1 out of 12 of their startups succeed

75% of successful startups pivoted from their original founding idea

In some cases, they pivoted to a completely different concept.

Some examples of startups that pivoted

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Started out as a video dating site and completely changed their model to let users upload video and become the #1 source of video on the internet.

Sold to Google for $1.65 Billion
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Started as location-based service called ‘Burbn’, most comparable to Foursquare pivoted to become a social photo editing app. Today there are over 300m+ active users.

Sold to Facebook for $1 Billion
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Used to be a social good fundraising site called ‘The Point’. Changed their concept to local deals: if enough people pledged to do an activity, they would unlock a discount on it.

Peak Valuation: $25 Billion
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Started as Confinity, a cryptography company designed for exchanging money over Palm Pilots. Pivoted to the lucrative market space of enabling people to take credit card payments online.

Acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion

Appster’s Rapid Agile™ Trading System

How Appster enables flexibility and product innovation during development ?
Product Backlog
  • Feature A
  • Feature B
  • Feature C
  • Feature D
  • Feature E

The Product Backlog is where you prioritize your features from most important to least important.

How Appster helps you evolve, innovate and improve your product during development.

Appster estimates your project in ‘Story Points’ (think of story points as a value of effort assigned to a feature (User Story) of your project). We then ship feature by feature (based on your highest priority features first). You may start to realize that some of your lowest priority features aren’t as important as new ideas or changes you may want to make to improve the current product.

As long as these changes don’t go over the total allocated Story Points for your project, you can make these changes for free.

If you’d like to make a change at any point in the development process, simply notify your Producer and we will make changes to your product backlog accordingly. We can start on the new features as early as the next sprint (1 Week).

With industry standard development contracts, you are locked into a fixed scope of work that can’t change unless you pay for each change request.

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