What Is AppsterCare?

Once your product goes live it’s important to have ongoing monitoring, tweaks and updates. That’s why the average top performing app will push through four updates a month.

Too often once a development company has completed the scope of work you may find yourself unable to support the day-to-day operations of keeping their app live and functioning without a full fledged team.

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Why Do AppsterCare?

At Appster we can manage your app’s day-to-day operations for weeks, months or years at a time, reducing your operating costs and providing expertise in ongoing management.

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Key Benefits of AppsterCare

  • Server Support
  • Bug Detectives
  • Stay Up-To-Date
  • Startup Teams On-Demand
Server Support

We have certified AWS System Ops Professionals, who can ensure common issues on servers are mitigated and your users experience reliable day-to-day experience.

Bug Detectives

No matter how much testing goes into your product, you’ll always have some issues that only show up to some users. With ongoing support, you can diagnose any feedback from users and push through updates to your app to fix issues that happen in the real world.

Stay Up-To-Date

New phone editions and operating systems are a regular part of the mobile ecosystem and with Apple’s commitment to remove Apps that aren’t regularly updates, it’s critical to ensure your app supports the latest technology.

Startup Teams On-Demand

Following a lean startup methodology, you cut your ongoing operational costs and keep burn-rate low by hiring specialist team member for small ongoing engagements post going live.

AppsterCareTM Testimonials

Take a look at what people are saying about our AppsterCare
Dane & Cameron photo
Dane & Cameron

"Our idea was good, but Appster changed it a lot for the better. Appster has really taken us under their wing, with their post development Growth Labs workshop. They make sure that you have all the tools you need to get out there and be successful."

Dion Mayne photo
Dion Mayne

"I came with an idea, told Appster, and they dismissed it saying that it'd be too expensive. We then came up with a second idea. Most app developers would simply say give me your money. The team here was always in contact, and the guidance was really helpful."

Daniel Goodin photo
Daniel Goodin

"Appster has been with me every step of the way. The way they hold meetings, it's all scheduled and dated; everything is just amazing. I would, and I have, highly recommend Appster to anyone. I couldn't have had a better team."

Leon & Eddie photo
Leon & Eddie

"I was set on Appster right from our first consultation. The culture, the team - everything made me feel like I was part of Appster, and not just another client. We had calls evey week, and every time I wanted. Overall, I am so happy!"

Barry Jansink photo
Barry Jansink

"The communication was a lot more frequent than I am used to, but ultimately led to a more rapid cycle of improvements and has been really effective. Everyone can be reached pretty much anytime you need.Everything is there in front of you."

Phil Watkins photo
Phil Watkins

'To the dev team which was involved in producing Waggles, I truly thank you for an amazing job well done. Clearly a team which is committed, talented and passionate about their work. From the initial brief, the dev team was on point, embracing the vision and owning the product as if it was their own, whilst maintaining an 'agile' approach and delivering an exceptional MVP product. A real pleasure to work with. I will definitely be recommending any startup to work with Appster, the dev team was a true credit to the Appster brand, I look forward to working with them long into the future'

71% of Software Development Projects Fail

A 2015 study by Standish Group across 50,000 software projects showed that:

  • Only 29% of projects were successful*
  • 52% had major challenges.
  • 19% failed completely.

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