Rapid Agile Development is the best engagement model in the world for Startups & Innovative Enterprise Brands

Back-to-the-wall deadlines, pioneering ‘impossible’ technologies, rescuing disaster projects, scaling to a million users overnight… our Rapid Agile Development™ engagement model redefines what’s possible with software.

Did we mention it’s also really affordable?

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Appster’s Rapid Agile DevelopmentTM

Rapid Agile Development™ is our award-winning development methodology that has delivered countless multi-million dollar valuations for clients & rescued over 40 failing software projects off other developers in the last 18 months.

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Rapid Agile DevelopmentTM Testimonials

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Dane & Cameron photo
Dane & Cameron

"Our idea was good, but Appster changed it a lot for the better. Appster has really taken us under their wing, with their post development Growth Labs workshop. They make sure that you have all the tools you need to get out there and be successful."

Dion Mayne photo
Dion Mayne

"I came with an idea, told Appster, and they dismissed it saying that it'd be too expensive. We then came up with a second idea. Most app developers would simply say give me your money. The team here was always in contact, and the guidance was really helpful."

Daniel Goodin photo
Daniel Goodin

"Appster has been with me every step of the way. The way they hold meetings, it's all scheduled and dated; everything is just amazing. I would, and I have, highly recommend Appster to anyone. I couldn't have had a better team."

Leon & Eddie photo
Leon & Eddie

"I was set on Appster right from our first consultation. The culture, the team - everything made me feel like I was part of Appster, and not just another client. We had calls evey week, and every time I wanted. Overall, I am so happy!"

Barry Jansink photo
Barry Jansink

"The communication was a lot more frequent than I am used to, but ultimately led to a more rapid cycle of improvements and has been really effective. Everyone can be reached pretty much anytime you need.Everything is there in front of you."

Phil Watkins photo
Phil Watkins

'To the dev team which was involved in producing Waggles, I truly thank you for an amazing job well done. Clearly a team which is committed, talented and passionate about their work. From the initial brief, the dev team was on point, embracing the vision and owning the product as if it was their own, whilst maintaining an 'agile' approach and delivering an exceptional MVP product. A real pleasure to work with. I will definitely be recommending any startup to work with Appster, the dev team was a true credit to the Appster brand, I look forward to working with them long into the future'

Rapid Agile DevelopmentTM Customer Reviews

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The Top 3 Problems We See When We Take
Projects Off Other Developers

We’ve rescued over 40 rescue projects off other software developers in the past 18 months.
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problem 3 image

Over-Promising on Timeline, Cost, Capability

Expectations were set too high with clients. Deadlines were promised and missed by months (sometimes YEARS!). Projects were underquoted due to not understanding the complexity of the work, only to have to ask for more money from the client throughout the project. Often times the developer did not have the depth or technical capability to execute on the project.

Not Classifying Technical Risk Correctly

Projects were rushed into development without an in-depth technical review. Appster spends at least two full days with clients to gather requirements (Rapid Concept Workshop) We then spend another 2-3 weeks or 80-150 hours on average designing the right technical solution to mitigate technical risk.

Not Considering Commercial Risks

With many rescue projects, we’ve discovered that the wrong product was being built. Sometimes we were going after the complete wrong audience. Product Strategy is the most vital part of your product being a commercial success. Learn how to advise of commercial strategy here.

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