What is a Rapid Concept WorkshopTM?

Appster’s Rapid Concept Workshop™ is an intensive 2 day workshop combined with an in-depth technical review that lets us assess Commercial & Technical risk, design your ‘Minimum Viable Product’ and prepare your project for development in the best possible way.

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Why do a Rapid Concept WorkshopTM?

Simply put, we have the best workshop process in the industry. We were the first in the industry to offer a strategy workshop of this kind when the majority of firms still offered traditional scoping documents. We now conduct over 300 Rapid Concept Workshops a year which is more than any other other developer on the planet!

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Key Benefits of the Rapid Concept Workshop

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  • Reduce Cost
  • Define Product Strategy
  • Speed
  • Limit Your Risk
Reduce Cost

RCW™ is the number one way to reduce superficial and bloated development costs.

We’ll work with you to develop a true ‘MVP’ (Minimum Viable Product). We will “cut the fat” and design a lean product that has only the critical features.

Define Product Strategy

Designing a successful product is a science and we help implement the same Product Design frameworks used by the most successful products in the world (Facebook, Instagram, Uber etc.)


In an industry where being first to market is critical, speed is essential. RCW™ is the fastest, most effective way to take an idea to development. RCW™ is choreographed to ensure we gather an in-depth understanding of your idea in the shortest time possible.

Limit Your Risk

Appsters RCW™ helps you identify problem areas in your concept and business model. We will identify your weaknesses so you can make an informed business decision about the best path for your product.

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Over 300 responses gathered so far through Typeform.

Value For Money





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  • Find out how we define your product strategy
  • Learn how important speed is in the process
  • See how we can reduce the cost whilst limiting your risk

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RCWTM Testimonials

Take a look at what people are saying about our RCW’s
Benzi photo

" It was really good to write down the ideas, bounce a lot of use cases and see how it would work in the real world. It's good to step back and define what are the basic principles you need to follow. I finally looked at the problem statement from a consumer facing view."

Wiremu photo

" Every aspect of the RCW is absolutely perfect. The expertise of Appster helped turn the first initial idea that we had into a reality at the end of 2 days."

Justin photo

" The workshop was excellent, it exceeded all my expectations. Appster wants you to be successful in the most streamlined, affordable manner. They want you to have a viable product at the most appropriate cost to get into the market. Without this, we'd have been running around in circles for years."

Paul photo

" I personally run a lot of workshops, but I found Appster to be very thorough in RCW and I am surprised at the stuff we went through these 2 days. The process challenged my assumptions, crystallised the MVP. The workshop teases out the right thinking ahead of any potential problems."

Saud photo

" The RCW was beyond what I expected. It got me to the point where I could see whether my idea was feasible or not. I am amazed at the amount of work I have done in these 2 days. It was an eye-opener for me, knowing things that I didn't think would be an issue. The expertise of the team ranging from different fields, was a great contribution to my idea."

Chris Henry photo
Chris Henry

" I found the workshop absolutely excellent. The other developers I contacted took six months to give me the feedback that Appster took 2 days for. The foresmost thing for me was Appster's methodology and the way they included me in the process."

Andrew Barnath, Wiliam & Dominic Monkton photo
Andrew Barnath, Wiliam & Dominic Monkton

" It's basically receiving 2 days of critical feedback. We have a concrete idea now with no wasted features. The Appster team does not sugarcoat anything. To everyone who has an idea and is wondering whether they should opt for Appster's RCW, do it."

Ahmed Jama photo
Ahmed Jama

" When I first went through Appster's website and read the review, they were all so good that I thought they had paid to get them written. If you have an idea... CALL APPSTER... you may be weary about the price but after going through the workshop, I really do feel that without it I would have not gone anywhere!

Delon Lukow & Chris Blackburn photo
Delon Lukow & Chris Blackburn

" I was overwhelmed with Appster's preparedness and professionalism. I came in expecting an app company, but Appster built a complete system - the front, back, middle - and that's we needed. They truly believe in fanatical customer support."

Quinn Baker & Chris Porter photo
Quinn Baker & Chris Porter

" I was very impressed with everything, from start to finish. We got more out of the workshop process than we expected or hoped for. Over a span of 2 days, Appster took from us what was a short piece of information from us and organised it into something that was clearly structured and architecurally scalable."

Rapid Concept WorkshopTM Customer Reviews

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