What Is Startup Ready?

Startup Ready™ is a 6 week intensive designed to help you master all three critical subject domains required to successfully raise a seed round.

Transform your startup into a lean, customer acquisition engine and get fully prepared to raise a seed round.

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Why Do Startup Ready?

As one of the World’s leading app developers we draw from our experience in working with hundreds of early stage startups and helping our clients raise millions in seed capital. We’ve designed a simple framework to get your startup prepared to meet potential Angel Investors.

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What’s in a Startup Ready Workshop?

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  • Validate your business model
  • Learn about fundraising
  • Prepare a killer investor pitch
  • Avoid fundraising mistakes
Validate Your Business Model

Investors are looking for startups who are ready to scale. Do your homework and show them exactly how you’ll get your first users.

Learn Everything About Fundraising

From crowdfunding to angels or government grants, there are many options to get your startup off the ground. Learn about all sources of funding and the best ways to get it.

Prepare a Killer Investor Pitch

At this stage, It’s not about your idea but your ability to sell it. Design a winning investor deck and learn how to deliver a pitch investors simply can’t turn down.

Avoid Fundraising Mistakes

Learn everything you need to know about the legal and financial aspects of raising your first round of capital. This course will show you the key terms of a good deal and will teach you exactly how to negotiate them.

SURTM Testimonials

Take a look at what people are saying about our SUR’s
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"There's a lot of information out there, the SUR workshop helps narrow it down to specifics and shape your idea in a better way. Meeting all these entrepreneurs, bouncing off ideas on them, is very helpful."

Douglas Wake photo
Douglas Wake

"I've looked across a number of websites and blogs that gave me an understanding of how to go through this process - Appster's was the most detailed and easy for me to understand. I now know how to best set my idea up for success."

Sabina photo

"The course really laid out the foundation for my idea. I wouldn't be where I am right now had I not done it. The coursework is where the magic happens. This is where you find what you can do to make your app better."

Fergus & Ben photo
Fergus & Ben

"We found the session massively helpful. Found answers to all our questions, and feel much more confident now. Our app is now a business."

Jordan photo

"Everything we did in these 2 days stood out for me. Appster nailed it. I feel ready to take a leap to my entrepreneurial journey. The entire team is friendly, wants you to succeed and is willing to help."

Learn the proven ways to fund your startup.

The 3 PRINCIPAL SOURCES OF FUNDING every start-up needs to know. (Is Bootstrapping, Equity FUNDING or Debt Financing the right fit for you? We reveal what they are, how to choose the right one, and how to go out there and get it).

How to Raise Capital

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