What Is Traction Labs?

Traction Labs™ is an 8-week Intensive Idea Validation program that lets you validate your concept at an early stage, minimise your risk and replace your assumptions with real market feedback. You’ll be able to discover your true Product-Market fit before you spend months building the wrong product.

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Why Do Traction Labs?

“Traction LabsTM will help you validate your idea at an early stage. This can help you build a strong argument for raising capital, or give you the confidence you need to either commit or trash your idea.”

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Key Benefits of Traction Labs.

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  • Mitigate Risk
  • Avoid building something no-one wants
  • Replace Assumptions With Real-World Data
  • Provide a Proof of Concept to Potential Investors
Mitigate Risk

Traction LabsTM is the first step to reduce this risk of failure by replacing guesswork and opinions with empirical validation and a solid problem-solution fit. Building an app is pointless until you have proven customer desire for your idea in the market and that is what Traction LabsTM achieves

Avoid building something no-one wants

Traction LabsTM ensures that the product the entrepreneur designs meets all the needs of the mass market and has the potential to capture huge market share.

Replace Assumptions With Real-World Data

Behind every product there are a number of hypotheses. The Appster team will help you identify each of these and validate them through an elaborate process of market validation and research.

Provide a Proof of Concept to Potential Investors

Traction LabsTM provides the empirical market validation which supplies the definitive proof investors need to fully appreciate the value of your app. You get detailed analysis of competitors, and understanding of market trends, and read user interviews.

Traction LabsTM Testimonials

Take a look at what people are saying about Traction Labs:
Thomas Molinari Photo
Thomas Molinari

"A Very intense and enjoyable two days, I was able to collaborate with others on my project which I have not done before. I love the product flow on day two, seeing the idea on the board and ironing it out."

Danielle James Photo
Danielle James

"Excellent. I am very happy with the two-day workshop. The pace was a little slower compared to my usual pace but I think that was a good thing considering the importance of the decisions we made and I am very happy with the team and the outcome of these two days. I love the market and competitor research, clarifying in more precise terms the Lean Canvass and mapping out the MVP."

David Pagliaro Photo
David Pagliaro

"The workshop was great. I now have a greater understanding of where I'm going with the app. I love the interactive process and being walked through what is important."

Aaron King Photo
Aaron King

"Really good and full of information and strategies to go about how the lean product should look. I love how they turned my original idea into a really lean product with unique value."

Yogesh Pushkarna Photo
Yogesh Pushkarna

"Very informative. Industry Knowledge was excellent. I love the knowledge everyone brings to the table and ability to flesh out the idea in detail."

Simone Clow Photo
Simone Clow

"Excellent. Very informative. Eamon was absolutely amazing and helped break our product apart, pivot and put it back together as an MVP. Chris and Eamon were amazing - the process itself is outstanding. An is clearly very knowledgeable in his field and we completely trust that the research he is about to embark on will be carried out with the utmost professionalism to ensure that we have valuable results."

Gordian Validation: Fortify Your Idea with Empirical Validation

How to validate your business idea in the early stages of product development and mitigate as much risk as possible.

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